15 Wall Décor Ideas Designers Swear by

Display Pretty Plates

A collection of ceramic plates decorated with flora and fauna pops against dark, floral wallpaper. Plates don't have to be the same size or shape—here, the plates (by Astier de Villatte) have different edges and borders, with scallops, pearls, and smooth round sides interacting with each other.

Frame a Favorite Location

Whether you choose a vintage map of your hometown, a guide to your favorite city's subway system, or a wood-cut elevation of the beach town where you spent your honeymoon, a framed map can add a personal touch to any blank wall.

Hide Your Screen

Kelly Finley of Joy Street Design helped her clients accentuate a favorite abstract painting—and hide their television—by creating a hidden space behind the bookshelf; the artwork slides to the right, revealing the flat screen for movie nights and Saturday morning cartoons.

Show Off a Favorite Quilt

An heirloom quilt from your grandmother, the double wedding ring-style coverlet you received as a wedding gift, a throw blanket made from sentimental t-shirts: All of these (and any other cherished quilt) deserve a spot on your walls, not tucked away in a chest.

Hang Wall Planters

A set of wall-mounted planters allows you to bring the outside in and better connect with nature in every part of your home.

Cover With Fabric

A textural fabric wall covering, like the tropical-inspired print from Élitis in this modern living room—is a tactile alternative to traditional wallpaper, while large-scale prints mimic the look of a mural.

Make a Mirror Gallery Wall

Turn the traditional gallery wall on its head with a mirror gallery wall. Mirrors of various shapes and sizes, with different (but complementing) frames, beautifully fill a wall with added dimension.

Make Fashion Functional

Display your favorite clothes and accessories in a bedroom, closet, or foyer—instead of hiding them in a drawer—to appreciate them as works of art. Choose a collection of items in various materials (all your necklaces or all your purses) or hang just a few of your most striking favorites.

Frame Fabric

Mat and mount vintage blanket segments, heirloom linens, single quilt blocks, and fabric scraps in your favorite patterns to create a custom gallery of beautiful textiles.

Show Off Your Bottles

Visible wine storage turns your favorite reds, whites, and rosés into an integral part of your décor—consider each label a miniature work of art.

Install Paneling

A bold color and geometric paneling frame this bold bedroom's opulent headboard and lush textiles. With such beautifully heavy paneling, the wall itself becomes décor.

Use Contrast to Showcase Art

A deep navy paint that could otherwise overwhelm a small room is balanced by three-quarter-height white wainscoting. The rich shade makes a strong statement and perfectly shows off two gold-framed artworks.

Match Wallpaper to Art

Art arranged on a painted wall can make a splash, but art arranged on patterned wallpaper can really make a statement. While finding the balance between dynamic and over-busy may take quite a few wallpaper samples, the end result can be stunning.

Opt for Graphic Pops

Hang several oversized pieces with abstract shapes and a high-contrast color scheme to make a strong impression—without overwhelming the rest of your room.

Mix Art and Objects

The bright colors in this triptych of framed art pop against the slate-colored wall. Molding painted in the same color breaks up the wall, while the asymmetrical layout and mixed materials in the wall arrangement complement the furniture.

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