20 Summer Centerpiece Ideas That Complete Your Table Setting

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Keep it simple with a beautiful summer favorite. Classic white hydrangeas have huge clusters of blooms and large green leaves that add texture and interest to a centerpiece. You can use more colorful blooms if you want, or let the hues of the vase shine, like this blue piece of pottery.

Minimalist Centerpiece

Skip the blooms entirely and keep your centerpiece simple and elegant. Feathery pink fibers provide color and texture in the middle of the table. Tall taper candles add height and sophistication to this outdoor dining set up.

Outdoor Centerpiece

Prepare for a backyard gathering with a casual centerpiece featuring fresh-cut flowers. This wood vase holds an eclectic mix of white, yellow, and light purple blooms. Placed on an upturned aluminum bin with a blue tablecloth, this summer centerpiece ties everything together for an outdoor picnic.

Tall Centerpiece

Add height to a table with summer floral arrangements that use tall flowers like delphiniums or foxglove. These clusters of flowers add lots of color and can fill a blank space on a table or against a wall. This design uses the flowers to fill the empty space next to a large art print.

Colorful Flowers

Bright vases can add just as much life to a room as the flowers they’re holding. The blue glass and pottery vases used in this design contrast with the bright pink and yellow flowers. However, the vases coordinate with other elements in the room, such as the table runner and glassware, creating a cohesive look.

Tropical Centerpiece

Fully embrace the summer vibes with tropical flowers and leaves as a centerpiece. A simple glass vase lets the monstera leaf and orange bird of paradise take the spotlight in this arrangement. Use this large-scale centerpiece on a grand dining table, or let it shine on its own on an empty end table.

Planter Box

Take cues from your window boxes for summer floral arrangement ideas. A rustic wood box runs down the center of this table. Filling it with white blooms, greenery, and even fresh lemons makes for a subtle yet sophisticated centerpiece.

Small Summer Centerpieces

Floral arrangements don’t have to be large to make a big impact on your design. This table setting features several vases, each with just a few stems. The minimalist look allows for a variety of orange and pink blooms scattered throughout the table, creating a spontaneous, casual feel.

Clustered Arrangement

Large branches with green leaves and clusters of white flowers create a statement centerpiece. Due to its size, placing this arrangement on an end table adds life to the room without overwhelming a dining table. Placing the blooms in a blue vase ties it to the shades of blue used throughout the rest of the room.

Cacti Cluster

Cacti and succulents thrive in scorching summer weather. This cluster of three terra-cotta pots with cacti and plump succulents makes for a casual but interesting centerpiece. These potted plants can serve as a quick option for adding life to your table when fresh blooms aren’t available.

Pastel Centerpiece

There’s no such thing as too many flowers! As this centerpiece proves, sometimes maximalism is the way to go when creating a summer floral arrangement. The wide variety of purple, orange, pink, and white blooms fits in perfectly with the quirky table decor, such as curved candles and purple cloud placemats.

Fine China

Sometimes, intricate china can make a table feel very formal. However, the casual nature of this yellow and orange summer centerpiece makes the entire setting feel more relaxed. The colors pair well with the tablecloth and dishes for a cohesive look.

Pink Summer Centerpiece

When you have large, statement flowers like peonies available, it can be best to let them shine on their own. A simple white mug lets the blooms stand out on this coffee table. The bold pink flowers also contrast well with the white furniture and wood coffee table in the room design.

Two-Tier Display

For large dining tables, consider elevating blooms with a second tier. The wood cake stand on this table provides a platform to raise a vase filled with spiky flowers to new heights. The extra height adds interest when paired with another large arrangement of yellow blossoms.

Succulent Dish Garden

A succulent dish garden is the best centerpiece for this eclectic dining table. The varied shapes of the leaves and green and brown colors pair well with the bright, busy table setting. The large round centerpiece also adds a touch of earth tones to balance the primary colors used in the design.

Mixed Summer Centerpiece

Can’t decide on just one summer centerpiece idea? Combine several to create a table with lots of color and interest! This design places bold summer flowers next to understated succulents for a centerpiece adds a variety of textures and hues down the middle of the table.

Branching Centerpiece

Don’t overlook flowering branches when creating a summer floral arrangement. This design starts with traditional blooms, but uses a well-placed branch with small white flowers to add height without dominating the table. Smaller branches placed in a wood vase complement the larger centerpiece.

Bold Centerpiece

If you want to make a statement with your summer floral arrangement, look no further than this Instagram-ready table. Large pink and purple flowers run the length of the table, creating a living table runner. This look can be achieved by placing multiple small vases overflowing with blooms in a loose line down the middle of the table.

Upscale Table Runner

Both casual and elegant at the same time, this centerpiece idea places pink and yellow blooms down the length of the table. Placing the blooms at a variety of heights adds interest and helps draw in the eye. It also provides contrast to the tall cactus in the corner of the room.

Small Summer Centerpiece

Bold colors can have the same impact as a large, lush summer floral arrangement. The hot pinks of this centerpiece draw in the eye and contrast with the light pink tulips. The bright colors stand out from the more subdued table setting, but complement the light pink placemats and dishes.

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