20 Small Galley Kitchen Ideas to Make Any Space Work on a Budget

Small Neutral Galley Kitchen

This galley kitchen may be small in size but has plenty of useable counter space, thanks to the butcher block that extends throughout the kitchen and is easy to utilize and wipe down. Keep your counters clear of excess so that you have as much room for food prep as possible.

Styled Shelves

Make use of your vertical space by installing open shelving, as seen here. These shelves can be equal parts decorative and functional. Use them to house canisters of dried goods, everyday glassware, and the like, while weaving in some small objects like plants and vases.

Patterned Runner

Warm up your galley kitchen by laying down a runner in the style of your choosing. This will add instant color to your space while also providing you with a soft surface to stand on as you walk around and stand in front of the sink washing dishes.

Small Galley Kitchen With Colored Cabinets

Who says that kitchens should be all white? Experiment with a dose of color and opt for cabinets with some extra personality, like these green-blue beauties. Colorful kitchens are majorly in vogue as of late.

Textural Pieces

On the other hand, if you're more of a neutral lover, that's fair game, too. Keep your space from feeling too flat by weaving in different textural pieces, like this jute runner that covers the floor.

Small Bright Galley Kitchen

Draw the eye upward by replacing standard kitchen fixtures with pendant lights that appeal to your style. These glass ones complement the white tones in this galley kitchen wonderfully.

Small Galley Kitchen With Shiplap Accent Wall

Say hello to shiplap! If you love a farmhouse look, bring a shiplap wall into your galley kitchen. Whether you paint it a fun color or leave it white is entirely up to you.

Greenery in Small Galley Kitchen

One easy way to add vibrance to your kitchen without making any major changes (we're looking at you, renters) is through plants. Whether real or faux, green friends add major personality to any room of the home.

Small Coastal Galley Kitchen

This calming blue and white galley kitchen is perfectly coastal (with a farmhouse touch in the form of the shiplap walls). Pick a color scheme and commit to it creatively—here, blue and white canisters can be used to house coffee grounds, tea bags, and more.

Bold Backsplash

If your backsplash just isn't doing it for you, go another route—there are so many peel-and-stick options that can make all of the difference design wise. How cool is this blue honeycomb design?

Faux Built-Ins

Adding built-ins to your galley kitchen is going to cost a pretty penny, but you can fake the look—and get more storage—by bringing a wooden hutch like this one into the space. It's perfectly rustic chic and offers tons of room for linens, glassware, plates, and more.

Small Organized Galley Kitchen

Be intentional about what you choose to keep out in a small galley kitchen, particularly if you wish to keep your space as neutral in color as possible. Utilize a utensil crock and knife black to corral everyday basics and keep them within reach.

Gallery Wall

If your galley kitchen is shaped like this one, spice up the blank wall at the end with some of your favorite artwork. These prints all complement the soft blue cabinets nicely. Don't feel as though you have to stick to artwork typical of what you might normally see in a kitchen—take cues from the surrounding rooms as well.

Classic Tile

Subway tile is a tried and true backsplash style that's here to stay. Again, you can introduce the look into your space with a peel-and-stick solution that is removable when your lease ends.

Small Functional Galley Kitchen

Hang a plate rack above the counters to turn your favorite platters into art instead of keeping them behind closed cabinet doors. They'll act as decor when they're not in use and can be changed out seasonally for a refresh.

Wooden Board Wall

If you aren't inclined to hang a gallery wall in the kitchen, take a cue from this approach instead and show off some of your wooden cutting boards. This also means that they aren't taking up precious cabinet space.

Chic Hardware

Replace cabinet hardware with pulls that speak to your aesthetic. If you're renting, be sure to keep the originals on hand to reinstall before moving out.

Small All-White Galley Kitchen

Keep an all-white galley kitchen from feeling too bland by choosing one accent color to bring in, whether that's on your windows or in rug form. Here, a cheerful red adds an instant pep to the room.

Small Two-Toned Galley Kitchen

Why not opt for a two-toned look in the kitchen? Black and white is always a popular pairing and adds visual interest to this small space.

Cutout Shelf

A small cutout shelf in this galley kitchen serves as a handy place to put spices and other small items. Make the most of every square inch and get creative with storage solutions.

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