20 Privacy Fence Ideas You Should Copy for a Quiet Retreat

Vertical Wood Fence

A vertical wood fence that surrounds your property is a go-to option that can work in any backyard. Interior designer Alvin Wayne echoed the warm wood fencing with outdoor furniture in a similar tone in this spacious backyard with a detached patio and outdoor living room.

Horizontal Wood Fence

Add fencing to the top of an existing wall to add extra height that protects you from the gaze of a neighboring property. Michelle Boudreau Design topped off this painted white privacy wall with natural wood fencing in a modern horizontal layout to shield this backyard pool area.

Layered Wood Fence

Reinforce your privacy fence by layering new fencing on top of existing fencing for a double layer of protection that will help insulate your backyard from noise as well as prying eyes. Emily Henderson Design layered stained vertical wood boards over the weathered fencing on this backyard patio.


Bamboo is an affordable and sustainable material that is a popular method for adding privacy to an outdoor space. You can use bamboo to fence in a large yard or to provide privacy on an apartment or townhouse balcony or terrace, like this space from Fantastic Frank.

DIY Wood Slat Screen

Build a DIY wood slat privacy screen to shield a dedicated space like an outdoor seating or dining area. A Beautiful Mess left enough space between horizontal wood slats to allow light to pass through and create a semi-opaque effect to retain an open feel. White paint gives the privacy fence a light profile to keep the space feeling airy.

White Picket Fence

A white picket fence is quintessential Americana. Interior designer Maite Granda used low straight top picket fencing at street level of this Florida cottage set far back from the street to give the facade a welcoming and open feel. The fencing is taller on the sides and back to add privacy for the backyard.

Privacy Hedges

Combine fencing with hedging to create a privacy wall around an area such as a hot tub. A Beautiful Mess upped the privacy around a poolside hot tub with curved privacy hedges that create a green living wall that looks right at home in this backyard surrounded by mature trees.

Painted Privacy Fence

Treat your privacy fence like an accent wall and decorate it with paint. Dazey Den added personality to this casual, boho-style backyard privacy fence with a colorful geometric accent in the form of a giant yellow circle that channels the sun.

Scalloped Picket Fence

A scalloped white wood or vinyl picket fence adds curves to the mix. Mary Patton Design ran scalloped picket fencing around the periphery of this stately Texas home to give it an approachable feel while providing privacy for the backyard and separation from the street in the front.

Wood and Concrete

Mix concrete walls with horizontal wood fencing for a textural modern look. Gaia Inspired flanked a concrete wall with stained wood fencing and a matching gate to create privacy and security for this Southern California home.

Reclaimed Wood Fence

Use reclaimed wood to create a rustic and sustainable DIY privacy fence. Funky Junk Interiors decorated the rustic mismatched boards of this tall backyard privacy fence with a collection of old tools and added storage for practical items like shovels and ladders for added function.

Metal Privacy Fence

Black metal fencing will add a crisp modern feel to your backyard privacy fence. Michelle Boudreau Design walled off the pool area with a mix of solid and perforated metal fencing with a geometric pattern that looks sharp against the white walls of the home.

DIY Pallet Wood Fence

Use upcycled wood pallets to build an inexpensive privacy fence. Or build a privacy screen to place in front of a garden trellis filled out with greenery to add an extra layer of privacy in a shared backyard that can be used as a support for plants and flower pots.

Solid Walls

If you want VIP-level privacy in your front, side, and backyard, skip the fence and opt for a privacy wall. This Palm Springs home from Michelle Boudreau Design has a fortress quality to it, with clean solid white walls around the periphery that complement the midcentury modern home and highlight the natural landscape behind it.

Laser-Cut Wood Panels

Add extra height to a corner of your privacy fence by installing wood panels on top of existing fencing. Emily Henderson Design installed laser-cut wood panels in a geometric design to anchor this backyard seating area. The extra height makes the space feel more protected and cozy.

Add-On Fencing

Another way to add height to an existing privacy wall is to add a short layer of fencing on top. Blanco Bungalow paired white stucco walls with natural wood horizontal boards to add privacy to this backyard dining area. A large shade sail tarp above protects the dining space from both the elements and the neighboring home's upstairs windows.

Redwood Fencing

Use local wood to create a privacy fence that matches its surroundings. Seed Studio Landscape Design added a redwood privacy fence around the periphery of this Northern California property that echoes trees in the backyard and complements this dark gray midcentury modern home.

Garden Trellis + Concrete

Soften a contemporary backyard by mixing cottage-style and modern finishes. PJCArchitecture fenced this New York City townhouse backyard with white square trellis fencing that adds contrast with the concrete patio tiles and built-in benches and landscaping to create a sophisticated spot for entertaining.

Wood Planters

Create a higher level of privacy by topping a painted cinderblock wall with natural planters that run the length of the wall. Plant them with grasses and trailing plants to add volume and texture that will add natural camouflage, like this backyard space from The Home Consultant. The same wood tone is used on the planters and wood fencing attached to the privacy wall for a cohesive look.

New and Old Wood

If your backyard fencing needs to be partially replaced or completed to wall off the entire space, don't worry about matching wood tones. In this Florida backyard from interior designer Maite Granda, a weathered wood side fence in good condition is finished off with newer wood fencing around the other sides that will develop a patina over time.

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