6 colors you should never paint a ceiling, according to the interior experts


There's certainly a place for embracing dark hues on the ceiling, and it's a good option if you want to create a cozy and moody atmosphere by color-drenching the entire room in one rich color. Experts warn, however, that dark colors on the ceiling can result in the room feeling a lot smaller: 'A dark ceiling can make a room feel smaller, and bring the ceiling down,' explains Devon Wegman, Design Director at Devon Grace Interiors.


If you're drawn to pastel room ideas, you should steer clear of this as a ceiling color, according to the experts: 'Generally, you’re going to want to avoid light pastel colors.' says Amanda Wiss, Founder of NYC-based home staging firm Urban Staging. 'These often have a negative connotation with hospitals, senior living facilities, and other exceedingly clinical spaces,' she continues, suggesting that pastels don't always lend themselves to creating an inviting and homely feel.


While it's arguably the most common of colors seen on ceilings, there are many reasons why you should never paint a ceiling white. It can result in an overall bland look that lacks interest, so it's a better idea to opt for the subtle warmth of decorating with neutrals, instead of stark white.


For those inclined to create a bold statement in the home with neon paint ideas, it's best not to continue this look onto the ceilings, as Joshua suggests: 'I would say no neon-colored ceilings.' However, he continues to say that 'most colors if muted work well on ceilings,' so if you're looking to create a warm and energizing feel with neon, just make sure you tone down the intensity of the hue for the ceiling.


While decorating with green walls can be a popular paint idea for its calming effect and close links to nature, experts say it's best not to use this color on the ceiling, since it can present unflattering tones throughout the room in certain lights: 'Be careful of green on a ceiling because it is not flattering to the skin at evening time when the warm light fixtures cast a green glow in the room,' explains Joshua.

5. RED

Lastly, you should be wary of decorating with primary colors on the ceiling, since they're highly saturated and can be very harsh on the eye. Monica Breese, Founder of The Designed Domicilio advises avoiding 'red if you have a low ceiling', and 'primary colors in general unless you have a very succinct plan.'

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