20 Modern Home Exterior Ideas to Refresh Any Architectural Style

Modern Entry Details

This home's expansive windows, mix of materials, and pared-down approach to landscaping all give it a contemporary feel, but the front entry has the most distinctive modern twist. A wall comprised of varying rectangular shapes in a mix of clear glass and white panes creates an entry that is truly a work of art.

Dark Exterior Color Palette

A vertical exterior with a sharp, angled roofline provides a crisp counterpoint to the lush and textured garden just beyond. A dark color palette on the siding gets a pop of color with a turquoise-framed glass door, echoing the rainbow of colors found in the yard. To make the most of the view, a porch on the second level with a minimalistic railing that again celebrates the home’s linear theme overlooks the landscape.

Modern Traditional Exterior

The addition of a standing-seam zinc roof and a dark green and white contrasting palette gives this traditional exterior a fresh, modern refresh. A crisp stepping stone path wraps around the screened-in side porch, a nod to the home’s farmhouse roots.

Moody Wood Modern Exterior

Black paint gives this home exterior a unique play that expertly sets it apart from the landscape. Large windows allow the white-dominated interiors to shine through, giving the perfect juxtaposition to the dark and moody exterior wood paneling.

Contemporary White Exterior

Traditional elements like clap board siding, stone pavers, and a steeply pitched farmhouse-style roof come to play in a decidedly modern way. The inclusion of black trim on the windows, doors, and gutters, natural wood paneling on the entry, and even the clean lines of the walkway lend a more contemporary feel to this exterior.

Indoor-Outdoor Appeal

This contemporary-style house celebrates bringing the outdoors in. Large sliding doors allow for a full range view of the lush garden just beyond. The sleek and modern design of the home with its angular architecture, flat roofline, and wood paneling siding make it one with the surrounding terrain.

Crisp Black Exterior

This home's crisp black exterior features plenty of windows that bring the surrounding landscape in, lending an indoor-outdoor feel to the space. The flat roofline and angled exterior are complemented with a curving stair and lush garden just beyond. String lights crowning the patio give a touch of whimsy and romance to the stone patio—the perfect complement to the moody, modern home exterior.

Modern Home Exterior with Pool Views

These windows are meant for taking in the view. The gorgeous pool area utilizes a fully modern look with large concrete tiles separated by perfectly manicured grass, which is softened by the mountains in the distance. But the views don't end once you exit the home—even within the landscape, the house creates a warm, modern glow.

Modern Cabin Exterior

Black and brown are the color stars on this modern take on a tree-nestled farmhouse. To set off the entry, rustic wood paneling braces the entry. The window frames also take on the same treatment and manage to open up the exterior in a welcoming way. Rather than place the door front and center, it’s tucked into the right side of the front porch to give a sleek look.

Natural Modern Exterior

A home that utilizes natural elements that are native to the area can manage to bring a great deal of interest to a home’s exterior, even when it takes a more simple route. Here, a stucco and stone entry provides a contrasting warmth with the simple addition of wood pillars on the porch. To give a unique twist to the entry, a long, slender doorway acts as a welcoming focal point.

White Modern Exterior

A crisp and clean aesthetic enhances this white exterior with black framed doors and windows and an angled roofline. To keep the exterior from being too angle heavy, the garden comes to play with a curved walkway and textural grasses.

Elegantly Curved Exterior

Modern design doesn’t have to mean all clean lines and sharp angles. Here, an elegantly curved glass wall makes the interior dining area feel like it’s part of the outdoor patio. A stone walkway wraps around the house, lending a frame-like feel that’s ideal for strolling while taking in the stunning architecture.

Modern Angles

This curved exterior is a play of shapes and angles. From the circular window on the second story to the rectangular inset windows on the lower level, the clapboard-siding exterior gives a modern twist on farmhouse style.

Modern Lake House Exterior

This lake house retreat features a meandering layout that takes in a wide breadth of the shoreline. Rustic wood siding and a standing seam roof are traditional elements that get a decidedly modern twist thanks to a deep, dark color palette. To brighten things up, stone details on the fireplace chimney and built-in outdoor kitchen zone provide even more natural appeal.

Modern Exterior with Mixed Materials

This home features midcentury modern architecture at its finest. A mix of materials including brick, stone, and stucco—all within the same color palette—create a cohesive exterior with plenty of texture and interest. A chiminea and raised stone garden bed add to the appeal.

Natural Modern Exterior

A mix of natural wood tones adorn the exterior architectural elements, giving weight and attention to each one individually. Nestled within the lush green landscape, the house stands out with a fresh, white palette and standing seam roof. Even with plenty of beautiful modern farmhouse architectural details at play, the mountain view is still the real star. To give it its due, large sliding doors leading to porches on both the lower and upper levels keep the sightline unencumbered.

Desert-Style Exterior

The horizontal orientation of this house seems to celebrate the views all around, almost as if to say the real star is the scene of the mountains just beyond. A dark gray and white color palette makes a stunning contrast to the clear blue sky.

Treehouse-Inspired Modern Exterior

This modern treehouse celebrates nature with a palette that plays off its wooded location. A meandering layout with various heights for taking in the view celebrates lines and angles, giving a sleek look amongst the lush vegetation just outside.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Rustic wood paneling makes for an elegant farmhouse exterior. Large barn door-style shutters frame the front door, ensuring it remains a focal point of the home. To give even more modern appeal, windows in varying sizes freckle the facade.

Modern Cabin Retreat

This tiny cabin has plenty of style to spare. Here, a tiny getaway has a thoroughly modern look with an angled roofline, a wall of windows, and a stone side wall that’s mirrored in the built in garden beds just beyond.

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