20 Modern And Stylish Kitchen Cabinets To Inspire Your Next Renovation

#1 All-White Kitchen Cabinets Design

An all-white kitchen is still very much in fashion, especially if you’re going for a clean and refreshing look. Still, you can always make it more interesting by including some black details. These can be as simple as cabinet fixtures or as prominent as a statement kitchen light fixture or kitchen island.

#2 Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Add dimension to your kitchen by installing base and upper kitchen cabinets that are different in color. Go for contrasting shades for a stronger effect.

#3 Details Matter

If you prefer a neutral palette but want to add some visual interest to your kitchen, work with the details. Change the cabinetry fixtures to an original design of brass or gold, or try fluted cabinet doors to make your kitchen cabinets stand out without being too loud.

#4 Skipping Upper Cabinets

If your kitchen allows enough storage in the lower cabinets, skip the upper cabinets altogether. This opens up the space visually, making it more light and breathy.

#5 Frosted Glass Front

If you don’t want to have open shelving in your cooking space but would still love some variety in your kitchen cabinet design, replace some cabinet doors with frosted glass fronts to create mystery.

#6 Brass Trim Front

Giving your cabinet front a brass trimming that matches the fixtures is a quick way to create a sophisticated, modern look.

#7 Scandi Kitchen Cabinets

Scandi has been a popular style for bedrooms and living rooms, so why not implement it in your kitchen, too? Minimalist style and light color work especially well in a small kitchen to open up the space and make it more airy.

#8 Dark & Moody

If minimalism isn't really your thing, go the opposite direction and create a dramatic feel in your kitchen. You can use dark wood kitchen cabinets or paint them a moody color.

#9 Coffee In A Cabinet

To follow the current trend of keeping your space decluttered, consider turning one of the cabinets into a coffee station. From your collection of coffee beans to the coffee makers you use and your favorite cups, keep them organized in one place without crowding the counter space.

#10 Modern Farmhouse

Recreate the rustic feel by choosing classic Shaker cabinetry with metal hardware. You can leave the natural wood tones or paint them a neutral color.

#11 Kitchen Cabinets And Open Shelving

If you spend any amount of time in your home kitchen, it should also include things that you love. Use open shelving instead of kitchen storage cabinets to display your favorite art, plants, or cookbooks.

#12 Kitchen Cabinets In Color

Modern kitchens are ready to embrace color. Go for soothing green, bright yellow, or even dark blue kitchen cabinets to express your personality fully. Combine color with natural textures and metals to balance it and add dimension.

#13 Kitchen Island Cabinets

Extra storage is always welcome in the kitchen. While your kitchen island serves its purpose as a cooking and dining surface, it can also provide additional space for cabinets.

#14 Behind The Glass

If you love showing off your favorite collection of coffee mugs but aren't a big fan of open shelving, glass-front cabinets are just the thing for you. Combine them with solid cabinetry doors to create visual variety.

#15 Brass Mesh

If you want to take it one step further, replace the glass with brass mesh for a vintage look. Make sure the rest of the cabinet hardware matches the mesh in color to achieve maximum elegance.

#16 Different Finishes For Added Dimension

Combining matte and polished finishes not only goes well with modern-style kitchen cabinetry, but they also help open up a small space and make it visually more interesting.

#17 Make A Statement

Turn your kitchen cabinets into a statement piece that will immediately draw attention. Give your white kitchen cabinets a pop of color with paint to instantly create a focal point of your kitchen space

#18 Crown Molding

Crown molding gives your kitchen a finished look and makes your cabinetry look like it was built-in. Design elements like this work best in a large kitchen with high ceilings but can also be adapted to other spaces.

#19 Horizontal Upper Cabinets

This design style has both practical and aesthetic grounds. Working great in a small space, they create more storage in your kitchen with easy access to the items on the top shelf. At the same time, they make for an unusual kitchen design.

#20 Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Using natural texture in the kitchen in combination with metal and glass creates depth. If you select light wood cabinetry, add some metal fixtures and glass pendants to make it feel more open and modern.

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