20 Living Room Wallpaper Ideas That Will Enhance Your Space

Classic Gray Grasscloth

While many people associate wallpaper with vibrant colors and patterns, there are many options for those who prefer a more subdued look. Gray grasscloth wallpaper is a designer favorite and adds texture to the living room without being overpowering.

A Simple Backdrop

This room is another example of gray grasscloth paper, which serves an excellent backdrop for artwork and trinkets to shine.

Two-Toned Goodness

If you're a color lover, why not opt for a two-toned print like this one? The wavy blue design is eye-catching and fun and looks gorgeous with more traditional furnishings and contemporary pieces alike.

Vibrant and Energetic

Think pink! If you love the look of grasscloth but crave bright color in your living room, opt for a vibrant colorway of this type of wallpaper. Paint the fireplace surround in a corresponding hue to expertly finish off the look.

Surprise on the Ceiling

Perhaps you only wish to use a bit of wallpaper in your living room—why not take to the ceiling? Often referred to as a room's fifth wall, the ceiling is most definitely worth some attention.

Neutral and Warm

Muted colors shine in this warm living room that expertly blends together a mixture of textures and styles.

Majorly Memorable

Say hello to swirls! If a dramatic look is what you desire, look no further than a pattern like this one, which is sure to be majorly memorable.

Terrific Tile

If you love the look of tile, bring it into the living room with a tile-themed wallpaper that will have you feeling as though you're somewhere in Europe.

Beach Accents

No matter where you reside, you can bring the beach into your living room with a coastal style wallcovering like this one. The sandy hue will remind you of sunny days by the shore.

A Classic Pattern

A sweet honeycomb design is a classic choice since it's stood the test of time and is seen as a classic. Don't be shy about pairing a neutral-toned wallpaper like this one with bright greens and pinks.

Luxe Red

There's something special about red grasscloth; it adds a major touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. Here, the wallpaper looks particularly elegant when paired with beautiful Parisian-style crown molding.

Nature Inspired

Nature-themed wallpapers are everywhere as of late, and for good reason. There are so many amazing, peppy prints to choose from, and who doesn't love embracing biophilic design?

Multicolored Motif

If you can't pick a favorite color, you don't have to—simply opt for a multicolor geometric print like this one and you can bring several different hues into your space. Keep in mind that accent walls don't always have to be behind the sofa, you can style yours perpendicular to your seating area as illustrated here.

Elevated Panels

If your living room features picture frame molding, consider applying wallpaper solely within the various boxes for a luxe, romantic effect.

In the Zone

Wallpaper can be used to create zones within one larger room. By wallpapering the wall that houses your desk, you can design a mini office nook within your main living space.

Versatile Style

As stated earlier, gray grasscloth is extra popular to make a moody statement. Whether your style is grandmillennial, contemporary, or somewhere in between, note that grasscloth is ultra-versatile and can be used in many types of spaces.

Showstopping Florals

Maybe your main goal is to have your living room turn heads. If so, be sure to take cues from this showstopper, which pairs leafy blue wallpaper with a gorgeous blue ceiling and matching painted bookends.

Beautiful Branches

Nature-themed wallcoverings strike once again in this living room, which features a print comprised of beautiful branches. The sofa color plays to this scheme perfectly.

Stripes as a Staple

You can never go wrong with stripes, particularly when they're neutral in color and can play nicely with any type of sofa, accent chair, or coffee table. The pattern is a staple for a reason!

A Soft Touch

Soft purple is a color we don't often see in the living room, but it looks extremely chic in this space. The furniture items used are more modern in style, proving that you can easily juxtapose traditional patterns with 21st-century finds.

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