Nostalgic kitchen decor is making a comeback for 2024 – designers explain how to embrace the 'kitschen' trend

Last month, Pinterest announced five interior design trends expected to dominate home decor throughout 2024, based on its most popular search terms. Within this, the term kitschens was coined: an emerging kitchen trend that's all about celebrating a nostalgic and retro look in the heart of the home. But what exactly does a kitsch aesthetic in the kitchen mean for 2024, and more importantly, how can you achieve this look through your decor ideas? Here, we take a deep dive into this playful trend and speak to interior designers to get their take on this no-doubt controversial interior design trend.

What Is The "Kitschens" Trend?

Last year, we saw the dopamine decor trend emerge which is all about channeling bold personality and feel-good home decor. Homes are more and more becoming spaces that tell a story, focusing on embracing decor items, colors, and styles that bring joy above all else. This is set to continue in 2024, so it's no surprise to see a similar trend emerge in the kitchen. 'Kitsch has shown up in all the interiors, so it was a matter of time before it infiltrated the kitchen scene,' observes designer Tyson Ness.


Decorating with tile ideas is one of the best ways to instantly capture a kitsch aesthetic. Whether it's through statement kitchen flooring or backsplash ideas, you can center your whole kitchen around a loud, playful tile trend for a dramatic look.


When choosing a color scheme to base your kitsch kitchen around, you should opt for energetic hues. Layer lots of lively color trends to create an uplifting and dynamic look. Whether that's through paint ideas or wallpaper ideas, you can embrace colors and mismatched patterns for a playful look and feel.


Arguably the most important step in creating a kitsch kitchen is to fully embrace an eclectic approach to decor items. Incorporate plenty of unique finds by decorating with vintage pieces that reference retro design, and you'll be well on your way to mastering this playful trend.

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