20 interior decor trends coming back into style


For decades, everyone with wallpaper in their home was ardently determined to scrape it off the walls in favor of paint. But in recent years, some homeowners have embraced wallpaper, particularly bold options, and renters have gotten in on the trend thanks to peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Round lines

Round lines are coming back in multiple ways. For some, round lines mean curvilinear furniture, particularly couches and chairs; for others, the round lines come from arches and round windows. If you don’t want to make a permanent commitment to this trend, opt for the furniture.

Dining rooms

Dining rooms are making a major comeback, and it could be for various reasons. The pandemic kept us at home for a solid couple of years, reconstituting the importance of having a dedicated space for a shared meal. Now, due to the economy, people are eating more at home, and they're looking to recreate the experience of dining out without paying the price.

Brown schemes

For a while, beige and gray were the name of the game when it came to colors. And while those are still very popular, they're becoming less popular thanks to a resurgence in trends like brown color schemes. This offers a warmer, richer feel while still remaining neutral.


Plenty of fun patterns have come back into style, including plaid. With the re-popularization of plaid, we're saying goodbye to patterns like palm leaves and anything evoking the feeling of being in space. An easy way to give this trend a try is with a blanket or some window treatments.

Colorful cabinets

Gone are the days when every American home had wood-toned cabinets. Back are the days when purples, greens, blues, and other jewel tones are taking center stage. From kitchens to bathrooms and built-ins in other rooms, cabinets are colorful again.

Earth tones

On the other hand, some homeowners still prefer neutrals over colors. However, the neutrals of choice are shifting from grey and beige tones to richer earth tones. This trend is particularly appealing in a bedroom as it screams relaxation.

Retro palettes

Those who like color are showing it in a variety of ways. Lots of those people are getting heavy into retro palettes, mixing pinks, greens, and yellows in a way that screams '70s. It fits well with the resurgence of other interior trends that were popular in the decade.

Café window curtains

Café window curtains are making a huge comeback, too. They're less expensive than shutters and easier to manage than drapes. Café window curtains give a light, airy feel to any space, making the room feel inviting and calm.


Minimalism was all the rage for nearly a decade, culminating in Kim Kardashian's home, which appears to have nothing inside. To some, this decor choice is soothing and clean, but for many, it's too cold. Those people are bringing back maximalism in a major way, promoting the fun luxury of having stuff.

Mismatched furniture

It’s easy to pick out a set of furniture with a matching sofa and chairs. Still, with the push for repurposing furniture and moving away from mass-produced options, mismatched furniture is having a moment. If you feel your furniture doesn’t go together, remind yourself it’s actually very trendy.

Vintage furniture

Speaking of repurposed furniture, vintage furniture is another way people practice sustainability and give their spaces more character. Some people find hidden gems and can leave them in their current condition, but many others find pieces in poor shape and bring them back to life to fit their style.

Textured fabric

Yes, technically all fabric has texture, but for quite some time, furniture with smooth, inconsequential fabrics has been in style. Now, people are opting for bolder fabrics with textures not seen every day, giving life to velvet and suede again.

Room dividers

It's a shame room dividers ever went out of style. Open concepts were all the rage for many years, but now people are seeking privacy again. Construction is expensive, so a room divider is an easy fix in big and small spaces alike.


Terrazzo is having a moment again. The material can be found in modern kitchens and bathrooms in the form of tiles and countertops. It's definitely a look that needs to be done with commitment, but those who are up for the task end up with a unique space they can be proud of.

Accent ceilings

Say goodbye to accent walls and hello to accent ceilings. They're the exact same concept, just executed a little higher. Accent ceilings can be achieved with paint, wallpaper, or another material, and they're a fun way to add character and dimension to a space.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are back, and they're better than ever. They come in a variety of options, so if you search hard enough, yours can easily have a singular feel. Their industrial feel isn't right for every home, but it works well in many modern spaces.

Artisan tile

With the rise of having more character in your home, it's clear to see why something like artisan tile, which naturally has character, increases in popularity. There are several cons to having artisan tile in your home, but if you use it in the proper spaces, it adds lots of personality.

Wall collages

For the maximalists who can't get enough stuff, wall collages are an excellent way to spice up a room. These can be achieved with picture frames or pieces of art, and the great thing about them is that no two will look the same.

Wood accents

Another vintage trend to make its way back into the interior decor space is wood accents. This touch is mixed with modern decor practices, so wood accents are found in more unique places than when the style was first trending.

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