27 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Indoor Lap Pool

This indoor outdoor lap pool certainly makes fantastic use of a small space and it’s one of our favorite architectural surprises.

Stairs Flow into Sofa

What incredible flow this design creates – a fine example of how working within limitations (a small space, in chis case) creates stronger creative ideas.

Japanese Staircase Incorporates Sitting Areas

Built in Japan as a home gallery, this staircase caught our eye for its simplicity and style. And its functionality – who would have thought of sitting areas on stairs?

Seating Platform

It’s a seating platform, it’s a stairway to the deck and it’s a storage area all in one.

Australian Design Maximizes Space

Built-in shelves and corner tables are the order of the day, Mate. And since built ins take less footprint than stand alone furniture, you get more use out of the space.

Australian House has Built In Furniture and Storage

Built in everything reigns supreme in this Australian house and one of the real stars is this desk and cupboard space created out of nowhere. And not just a desk! It’s a chalkboard too. Talk about utilizing space – and lots of room for your legs when you sit at the desk.

Bookcase Door Hides Secret Room

Wow. How murder-mystery is this – in fact, now that we think of it, what a place to host a Murder-Mystery party! How clever is this bookshelf door?

The Water Closet in the Belgian Water Tower: Built for the Cat

The house itself being so unusual (built in a water tower), it’s not surprising that the owner installed his cat’s own water closet on the roof! How cat-friendly is that? We love it! There’s a sun-drenched spot in front where the cat can relax in the afternoon.

London Book Tower House has Double Height Library

A true book lovers’ paradise – a two story library tower at the heart of this renovated Victorian in London, England. Walls of books wrap around the wooden staircase — how many books do you think this tower could hold?

San Francisco Architects Design Clever Climbing Wall

What a cool bedroom design idea from Feldman Architects – a climbing wall for your young mountaineer’s room. But it’s not just a climbing wall, and that’s where the clever comes in.

Stairway to Functionality

Wow, this open stair case isn’t just a staircase. It’s a staircase, bookshelves, and a side table, all rolled into one. It’s got that high-end loft look but such functionality! And once again, combining usability with design results in multifunctional pieces.

New York Bedroom Loft Apartment Makes Use of Small Space

What an awesome bedroom loft – and the wood interior makes it feel like a boat (where every square inch of space also counts). How inventive to use the stairs as dresser drawers – and there’s a walk-in closet under the bed for those items that have to hang up.

Swedish Design Transforms Window Frame

What a beautiful, and functional, window treatment. We first thought of the view, but quickly moved on to the pleasure and practicality of this design from Stockholm. And it’s truly one of our favorites. It contains benches, shelves, desks, kitchen table – everything but the kitchen sink, practically (although we’re sure that could be arranged).

Tokyo TV is Rotating Creativity Center

This awesome-already flat screen TV is actually a rotating entertainment center. The pivoting television becomes an erasable art board — the perfect stimulus for creativity.

Greek Industrial Loft Mixes Shelving and Seating Together

A fantastically contemporary loft in Athens playfully mixes shelving and seating together – and it works! The sleek lines and open space make this an airy and open habitat.

Minimalism and Illusion in a Russian Apartment

The bed just seems to float in the air in this minimalist Moscow apartment. Where’s the support? How is it suspended? And doesn’t that black throw look just luscious against the stark white? A real statement home, where less is indeed more.

Berlin Loft Plays Hide-And-Seek with Furniture

This Berlin loft has an incredible secret — there’s a settee in the floor! They’ve certainly made the most of the space – it’s open and airy (not to mention modern and design savvy) and then voila, here’s a comfortable spot to watch the fire. It’s so innovative, it’s almost futuristic.

The Desk Hides a Radiator in Chic French Pied-à-Terre

What a great use of space – putting a custom desk top over top of the radiator! Perfect for this French apartment – chic and European, keeping with the program. And there’s a trend here, that’s creeping around the globe. Multiple uses for small spaces – it’s the design de jour.

Intriguing, Out of Place Windows in Paris Apartment

How unique – an apartment where the bathroom has a window into the living room. This trendy and chic Paris apartment has plenty of quirks and interesting features like this. The bathroom look is very global – combining subway tiles with Japanese overtones on the trim and frames.

South African-Designed Bed Creates Private Nook

This wooden bed has a fantastic canopy that turns it into a private nook. It just flows – from the timber floor and wall (doubles as a headboard) all the way up to the ceiling. The custom bookcase was a stroke of genius and the addition of the pendant lamp makes it an ideal reading hideaway. It’s two rooms in one!

Whimsical Designs: Door in a Door and a Kid-sized Built-In from German Designers

What kid wouldn’t want these special touches in their room. We love the kiddie door inside the regular door – how cute is that?

Ultra Modern Home in Brazil Incorporates Breakfast Bar Into Stairs

We think this is incredible – you head upstairs, using the breakfast bar as part of the stairs! This ultra-modern home certainly has some unique twists and turns. As much art as it is furniture, it’s a real head turner. And yet another example of pieces doing double duty!

The House of Shelves in California has Nook upon Nook

Open shelving defines this cubby hole home in Cupertino, California. Open and airy defines this home and the shelving connects each and every room to the next one. The design makes for an intriguing space, where the eyes never rest, but dart from shelf to shelf to discover the next treasure.

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