20 Home Decor Items That Prove Your Great Taste

1. A minimalist colorblock decal to add an artistic touch to your blank walls without putting in a million holes you'll later have to patch up.

2. An artificial ficus for anyone who wants lush greenery around their home, but wasn't blessed with a green thumb. Hundreds of shoppers say it looks real, so if you have a bare corner that could use a little livening up, this ficus will do the trick.

3. A velvet sectional couch with a tufted detail that'll give your home some old-world glamor and your tired feet a plush resting spot when your Fitbit reports that you've hit 20,000 steps.

4. A wall-mounted bookshelf for all those book purchases Amazon keeps suggesting and you keep adding to your cart.

5. A gorgeous glass cake stand if the Great British Baking Show has taken you on a life journey from store-bought cookies to whipping up elaborate mirror-glaze cakes in your very own kitchen. Display your tasty creations on this lovely stand and wow every guest that comes over.

6. A mini bar cart so your favorite glassware and bar accessories are always on hand when the clock strikes happy hour. The two-tiered cart has plenty of room for bottles and even features built-in wine glass racks to maximize storage space.

7. A cabinet with herringbone wood doors where you can quickly shove all the clutter and hide it before friends come over. The stunning piece looks more like an expensive high-end store splurge than a budget-friendly Amazon find, so get ready for lots of "no ways" and shocked faces.

8. A hanging branch clothing rack that'll make your closet look like a chic designer boutique. Pick up that corner floor-drobe pile and hang your favorite pieces on this lovely birch branch that brings in extra storage and a nature-inspired aesthetic.

9. A Moroccan-inspired area rug to brighten your space and give your feet a plush surface to walk on. Add some vibrancy and pattern and anchor the furniture in your room with this beautiful but affordable Amazon treasure.

10. A velvet accent chair for a luxurious addition to your living room that makes a serious design statement. Turn an empty corner into a magazine cover-worthy shot with this luxe piece that reviewers say also happens to be very comfortable.

11. An asymmetrical TV stand for a rustic living room accent that doubles as extra shelf space. It's made from solid wood and has a distressed finish for a modern mountain lodge aesthetic, even if you're in a 20th-floor city condo.

12. A ceramic frying pan set that has got to be the prettiest cookware out there. You'll love the sweet pastel colors as well as the fact that it's nonstick. Fun fact: The set made it into one of Oprah's "Favorite Things" lists, and if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for us.

13. A handmade macrame toilet paper holder because who said a TP roll can't be an attractive bathroom feature?! Add character and a unique decorative touch to the most utilitarian of items for an unexpected design choice everyone will be asking you about.

14. A beaded bohemian chandelier for a show-stopper of a light fixture to illuminate your room — and your great taste. The bead and tassel details add lovely texture, and the light's sculptural design will instantly draw the eyes to the ceiling, creating the illusion of space. Interior design lesson 101 done ✔️.

15. A set of five honeycomb-style hexagon shelves made from 100% cedar wood that can be hung as display shelving or an art installation. Each hexagon is hung individually, so you can get creative with the layout and switch it up anytime you want some change.

16. A woven rattan chair set for a charming addition to your breakfast nook. Or desk. Or reading corner. The set is so pretty, you'll probably have a hard time deciding where it'll finally land.

17. A gorgeous plissé toaster because have you ever in your life seen an appliance this chic?! It'll be the toast of your kitchen (pun totally intended), and any day you start on this stylish note is bound to be a good one.

18. A handmade ceramic vase that's an instant conversation starter for your dining table. Use it to hold your weekly treat-yourself bouquet of farmers market flowers, or as a decorative shelf accent every visitor will comment on.

19. Or, for an ultra-modern look, an iridescent vase that'll softly shimmer on your side table as beams of light filter through. It's so pretty it doesn't even need flowers; just set it on your desk or shelf for a cool and contemporary decor vibe.

20. And a bunch of pampas grass plumes so you don't constantly have to replace wilting fresh-cut flowers. These giant feathery stems fill a ton of space and look great in a big vase on the floor, as an accent on your mantel, or a fun addition to your entryway console.

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