20 Entryway Wallpaper Ideas That Will Make a Lasting Impression

Moody Florals

If your entryway features moody wall colors like dark blue and gray, opt for a wallpaper print with similar tones to complete the look. You can never go wrong with a nature-inspired scene of sorts.

Green and White Swirls

Add a dose of energy to your entryway with vivacious, patterned wallpaper like the green and white print shown here. It's sure to put some pep in your step.

Beadboard and Wallpaper Hybrid

Enjoy the best of both worlds by pairing classic beadboard with a cheerful wallpaper print. This is also a nice option for those looking to add intrigue to their entryway without covering all four walls—or even one full wall—with paper.

Layered Wallpaper and Art

If you plan to hang art or framed photos in the entryway, opt for a wallpaper print that is aesthetically pleasing yet not distracting. You will want to be able to focus your attention on what's inside of the frames, after all.

Soothing Blue and White

Blue and white are always a soothing color combo, and this entryway will immediately make you feel a bit more relaxed when returning home after a long day.

Subtle Designs

Add some texture with this red and peach wall covering which features a small leafy pattern. The speckled look allows the walls to shine without overwhelming the space which is free of any cluttered decor.

Bright Green Glamour

Don't feel as though you need to shy away from bright colors in the entryway. Going bold will help you make a memorable first impression on any visitors setting foot in your home.

Subtle Grasscloth

If you're looking for a more traditional wallcovering option, take a look at grasscloth. Available in many different hues, the grasscloth will add textural interest to any room without overly dominating the space.

Whimsical Stars

There's no reason to design an entryway that's super serious when you can have a bit of fun instead. This star-filled pattern is full of life and whimsy.

Lush Leaves

Draw some inspiration from the outdoors and bring a lush leafy print into the entryway. These beautiful blues are a treat for the eyes.

Pop of Gold

Wallpaper just the area around your doorway for an unexpected pop of pizzazz. This gold circular design is ultra-mod.

Colorful Florals

For a more colorful touch, work some soft florals into the entryway. Incorporate other floral touches into the mix, like the sweet throw pillow shown here.

Timeless Yellow

Keep it classic with a yellow and white print that complements traditional wood furnishings nicely. This yellow paper carries over beyond the entryway and into the main hallway.

Pattern Mixing to the Max

Mixing patterns has never been more popular. Combine a few of your favorites for an eclectic looking entryway that is bound to turn heads.

Contemporary Cool

Make a bold statement in the entryway with a contemporary design, like this Kelly Wearstler paper, which has become a designer favorite. The blue print looks fantastic paired with a gorgeous piece of abstract art.

Pattern on Pattern

Speaking of art, go ahead and layer a favorite canvas over a patterned wallcovering for a pattern-on-pattern look, which can be incredibly chic.

Soft Farmhouse Style

Here is another instance where simple beadboard pairs nicely with a sweet wallpaper print. This farmhouse-style entryway is majorly charming.

Contemporary Minimalism

A gray, textural wallpaper print is ideal for those who appreciate all things sleek and wish to stay away from more whimsical patterns and designs. There's truly a wallcovering for every aesthetic.

Pretty Palms

Palm leaves don't have to be green—why not try a beautiful blue? Bring a taste of the tropics into your own home with a paper like this one.

A Touch of Nature

Nature-themed wallpaper is having a major moment, but you don't just have to stick to leaves and flowers. Try a bird design for a fresh take on bringing the outdoors in.

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