Window blind ideas – 20 beautiful ways to enhance your space

1. Rely On Translucent Blinds For Privacy

The perfect window treatments allow you to totally control privacy and light levels. To achieve this, sometimes two approaches are better than one. ‘A sheer blind is a great way to ensure privacy in a space without blocking the light. However, for the times when darkness is required, it is a good idea to pair sheer blinds with light curtain ideas, such as linen, which can be drawn when needed,’ says Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sims Hildlitch.

2. Add Color And Character With A Roller Blind

Roller blinds are one of the most popular choices for window dressing. Simple to install and operate they are available in a wide array of colors, designs, and fabrics meaning there is a roller blind available for every space.

3. Let Your Windows Inform Blind Positioning

Roman blinds are characterized by the concertina-style fold, which creates a gentle ruffle when closed. While traditional to install your blinds inside the recess, it’s not always the best approach.

4. Use Conservatory Blinds To Control Temperature

When researching conservatory ideas, blinds are probably one of the things furthest from your mind, however, they provide an essential service in controlling the temperature. Shielding the sunlight, blinds help to prevent the space from overheating in summer, while in the winter they offer an extra layer of insulation helping your new space to be useable all year round.

5. Opt For Blackout Blinds To Ensure A Good Night's Sleep

Bedroom window treatments must occupy the dual role of letting in light to create an uplifting space, then being able to offer complete darkness for a restful sleep. The perfect solution is a blackout roller or roman blind.

6. Control Privacy In The Bathroom With Venetian Blinds

When it comes to bathroom blind ideas, they must be able to withstand the unavoidable high-moisture content. Though wooden blinds have a sophisticated aesthetic, they are prone to warping and swelling while traditional fabric blinds will discolor and go moldy – not what you want alongside your bathroom ideas.

7. Embrace Country-Charm With Swedish Blinds

Channeling country decorating ideas, Swedish blinds are instantly recognizable by the tab tie design. Rather than working on a mechanism, Swedish blinds are manually rolled and tied in place with decorative ribbons, and as a result, create a softer more homey appearance – perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or even cozy country kitchen ideas.

8. Get The Look Of Shutters With Venetian Blinds In The Kitchen

Favored for their soft, minimalist aesthetic, Venetian blinds are characterized by a series of horizontal slats, also known as louvers, which allow you to control light levels while maintaining privacy.  They are a great option if you love the look of shutter ideas but are looking for a more cost-effective alternative.

9. Match Your Blinds To Your Curtains For An Eye-Catching Look

If you're looking for colorful living room ideas, then blinds are a must. This beautiful space is perfect for those who love color – inky blues, scarlet, acid yellow and green all working together in mostly blocks with the odd hint of pattern.

10. Use Your Window Blind Style To Mimic Furniture

This modern living room is all about the curves – from the sweeping corners of the sofa to the round pendant and slimline side table.

11. Go For An Ethereal Style Blind In Bathroom

Henriette von Stockhausen, Founder of VSP Interiors explains her choice of blind in this stunning bathroom: ‘This curtain treatment is very decorative without being too heavy – it lets the light through but gives privacy from the outside at the same time. We often use voiles like this in bathrooms to add softness and prettiness.’

12. Choose A Darker Blind To Add Depth When Using Drapes

If you don’t want to go down the matchy matchy route with your blinds and drapes then opt for a darker blind. Darker colors add depth, and when you have a blind behind the drapes you want it to add depth, not visually sit ‘forward’. If you are unsure where to start then research lots of different room color ideas or the more specific accent colors for gray to help inspire you.

13. Or Go For A Print To Make The Window Blind Stand Out

On the opposite end of the scale – when you do want your window blind to be the focal point or, the scheme is eclectic as is the case with this Farrow & Ball bathroom, then you can choose a whimsical print that has a linear quality.

14. Opt For Pale And Interesting To Enhance A Window

When you are designing a room, it pays to look at what natural features the space has. For example, this beautifully wide bay window is stunning enough without covering it up with a heavy window blind. Instead, off-white window blinds have been hung that accentuate the bay window whilst allowing a little natural light in and most importantly, not detracting from it.

15. Choosing The Right Window Blind Fabric Is Key

Whether it be simple sheer roman blinds or tailored roller blinds with a hand-embroidered trim, windows treatments can act both functionally as well as decoratively within a room,’ says renowned interior designer, Louise Bradley.

16. For A Modern Scheme Opt For A Roller Blind

Let your interior guide you, this contemporary space is all about angles and lines, so choose a window blind that follows that feel. A roller blind is ideal, you can choose a design that’s semi-transparent and almost becomes a work of art itself – the way it frames the outside scene within the window frame is fabulous in this minimal living space.

17. Use Your Window Blind Design To Complement Your Interior

What we love about these window blinds is how the ribbon trim ties in perfectly with the vertical lines of the four-poster bed. These small yet important details are what makes an interior design scheme stand out.

The white fabric of the blinds also matches the bedding, nightstand and lamps.

18. Be Inventive And Mix Bold Color

Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue is a timeless shade that can warm up a room and it works particularly well on woodwork if you want to go for a less conventional look than the standard white.

19. Channel The Ruffle Trend With A Ruched Blind

Making a feature of bathroom windows with a fabric blind is a brilliant way to inject pattern, color and personality into what can feel cold, clinical spaces. Ruffles are all the rage at the moment so why not create a nod to the look with a ruched ‘London’ style fabric blind?

20. Balance Light And Privacy With A Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for bathrooms, as depending on the material they can be water-resistant and can be easily wiped clean which is important in moist areas.

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