20 Country Living Room Ideas Filled with Rustic Charm

Modern Country Living Room

For those who like a more refined look, give your living space a refined contemporary feel. Modern country living rooms stick to a neutral color palette and have less of a focus on vintage or distressed items. They incorporate rustic finishes, such as shiplap and leather, paired with modern elements, such as contemporary art and clean-lined furniture.

Distressed Furniture

Country interiors celebrate high-quality items made from natural materials, even after they start to show wear. A well-loved, vintage leather chair looks right at home in this cozy living space. For a more contemporary look, create contrast with newer items, such as a modern coffee table.

Highlight Existing Architecture

If your home features original country character, such as these wood and plaster walls, choose classic furnishings that let the architecture shine. The furniture in this room is simple and doesn't distract from the stunning original walls.

Neutral Country Living Room

Rustic architecture and natural wood furniture shine in this all-white living room. Because the palette is neutral, you can take in the details of the carved wood furniture and wood-clad ceiling and walls.

Natural Wood Ceilings

Exposed beams on a wood-clad ceiling instantly connects you to the natural world—a key feature of country decor. Use reclaimed or unfinished wood for a rustic look, or stain the wood for more refinement.

Handmade Accessories

Country style living rooms often incorporate handmade items to add charm. Place a woven blanket over the back of your sofa, use woven baskets for storage, or select forged metal hardware or lighting to nod to the long history of rural craftsmanship.

Plaid Patterns

Plaid patterns instantly give off the relaxed rugged feel of country style, so use it generously in your living room. A modern gingham rug makes for a cool base to this living room scene, while mismatched plaid pillows accent the easy chairs.

English Country Living Room

Create an English cottage look with antique wool rugs and a classic roll-arm sofa. Pattern mixing is a signature of English country style that you can add in through throw pillows or upholstery. Look for classic prints, such as stripes and paisley, in bold colors.

Country Living Room Lighting

When choosing lighting for your country living room, look for fixtures that incorporate forged metal, candle-inspired lights, or fabric lampshades. Here, a pair of wheel-shaped, iron chandeliers with faux candles adds a cozy glow to the vaulted ceiling of this living room.

Natural Elements

Plant cuttings or other finds from nature make affordable, appropriate decor in a country living room. Use what's in season, such as these grasses and seed pods from late fall.

Country Style Gallery Wall

As you design your country living room, your art should match the aesthetic you create. Look for landscapes, hunting and wildlife paintings, or images of barns and farmhouses. Here, a collection of flora prints and landscapes, some done in a homey, amateur style, are a cheery addition to the area around the television.

Stone Fireplace Decor

Similar to wood, masonry with natural stone automatically gives your living room a rustic, country feel. You can apply it to your fireplace (or to entire walls!) for a cottage look that's also a natural insulator. The thick grout lines used here soften the look and enhance the cottage style.

Wood Paneled Walls

Wood-clad walls instantly create a homey feeling. These tongue and groove planks feature a decorative bead detail that refines the look, while a cool-toned sofa complements the warm wood. Considerations for wood paneling include the size of planks you'd like to use (bigger planks will give a more rustic look), the type of wood, and whether you want any details like beading or edgework.

French Country Living Room

If you like a sophisticated look with rustic touches, turn to French country decor. This style is known for curvy, upholstered furniture, toile and linen upholstery, antiques, and the use of reclaimed or distressed wood. The look is old-world and comfortable, yet refined at the same time.

Vintage Furniture

Country style prioritizes quality craftsmanship that lasts decades. Honor this tradition by incorporating antiques and handmade items into your living room. This room uses a neutral color palette to create cohesion among the many vintage items on display.

Wood Beam Ceiling

Wood beams fit right into country style living rooms, given their history in cozy lodges and barns. Draw the eye up to the beams with a contrasting chandelier.

Decorate Around a Wood-Burning Stove

Wood-burning or gas stoves are a shortcut to the countryside aesthetic of your dreams. They're an amazing heat sources and a great way to get use out of an old fireplace. Whether your stove is gas or wood-burning, place some firewood nearby for a cozy look.

Mix Modern and Country Decor

Infuse your country living room with some cowboy attitude by mixing in modern pieces. Midcentury furniture and modern photography offer glamor and edge to this otherwise lodge-like living room.

Rugged Accessories

A pair of antlers isn't the only way to show off your love for outdoor activities. Incorporate accessories from your favorite outdoor sports, such as fishing gear, a paddle, or in this case, a gorgeous handmade canoe.

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