20 Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

1. Scale

One of the most common interior design mistakes we see is the wrong scale. Too many small things in a room can make the room look cluttered and messy. Similarly, overloading bulky pieces in a room makes it stuffy.

2. Arranging Accessories

Still, holding onto your grandmother’s porcelain figurines that you can’t stand? Time to let fly and find something that you genuinely enjoy to adorn the house. Too many heirloom pieces make your room look dated.

3. Hanging Art

Art can be striking and absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, also why the mistakes tend to be glaring.

4. Fabrics First

Loving that robin-egg blue lacquer on your living room wall, but are now left with no other option than white to complement the wood used and the wall paint? Unfortunately, this is a mistake many designers and homeowners end up making. Which is why we recommend you budget your buys and pick out variables such as fabric for curtains, rugs, sofa, and chairs first and then proceed to pick out a color for the walls from the shades in the material.

5. Color Color

We love a Scandinavian interior that makes you all comfortable and snug! However, white is poised, empty is not. Neutrals are chic but only when done right. If not, it can leave the living space feeling grim and harsh. What makes Nordic designs cozy is the layering of warm colors and textures. All neutral furnishings with white walls and no warmth end up looking insipid and unfinished.

6. Add Character

Pinterest brings the latest design trends to our fingertips. However, it also brought long the movement of cookie-cutter interiors where all spaces started to look similar and forgettable. It may be easier to copy a Pinterest board as is, but it will not speak to you. Adding your personality to your home is what will make it truly personal and meaningful.

7. Focal Focus

A room without a focal point floats about with no corner or scene to catch your interest for long. A focal point doesn’t just elevate the beauty of a room, it anchors your room. A focal point is a space from which all other activities of your room radiate.

8. Right Light

Lighting can make or break a room. So starting with plenty of natural light, make sure to equip a room with adequate, well-planned secondary lights next. Lighting being left as an afterthought or last-minute haphazard addition is the biggest mistake you can make.

9. Wall to Sofa

Leaving gaps between furniture and walls makes the room airy and light.

10. Wrong Rug

A rug is an integral part of your room décor. Getting it correct can uplift the allure of the entire room.

Choosing a rug that’s too small is not only a faux pas but also makes your room look smaller and messy. There are simple design tips that can get your rugs to flourish in any space.

11. Metal and Layers

Who doesn’t love metallic accents? But it is easily possible to overdo metals. While a chrome floor lamp can look dashing, pairing it with a chrome chandelier, chrome coffee table legs, and chrome accessories is displeasing. Too much metal, unless it’s warm like brass, can take away the warmth from a room, making it clinical and austere.

12. Room Measurement

You found a gorgeous piece of accent chair from your local thrift store. You are excited, you are going green, and you couldn’t be prouder. But then, you reach home to find that it completely upsets the scale of your room.

13. Picking Form Over Function

Form follows function is a distinguished architecture principle that finds application in interior design too. the rule of thumb dictates the outer aesthetics of an object should be in line with its purpose or use.

14. Overlooking Details

A simple decorating mistake that can easily be avoided is the lack of attention to detail.

15. Match All

Your dream home must reflect who you are.

16. Boring Entryways

An error many designers make when working n a home is underestimating the importance of an entryway.

17. Big on Cheap

Buying cheaper pieces for your home may not always be the most frugal.

18. No Plan

We have already seen how planning is essential for purchasing the correct size of furniture pieces. However, this is not limited to the size of furniture alone. Often designers and clients are at discord due to improper communication and organization.

19. Pillow Pile

Who doesn’t love plump, cloud-like pillows? But how much is too much? While you can take some liberty with the pillows placed on the bed, it’s better to stick to minimal numbers when it comes to the sofa. The trend of piling pillows on sofas and armchairs has thankfully ebbed away, leaving our seating clutter-free once again.

20. Window Woes

Curtains play a crucial role in the luxurious softening of the rooms. But they are also super functional. This is why there are many ways window treatments can go wrong. Hanging draperies at the right level are essential to make the room look tall and spacious. Some cut the curtain length at the sill level of half windows, making the window look shabby and even smaller. However, curtains that are too long trail along the floor miserably, making them look droopy.

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