The 6 Biggest Bathroom Design Trends For 2024, According To Designers

Bold Countertops

Chandler Helms, founder of her namesake interior design firm in Austin, Texas, is noticing that “clients with minimalist and neutral homes are willing to be bolder with a bathroom countertop than they would for their kitchen.” From colored marble to waterfall edges to extra thick slabs, homeowners are taking more risks—likely due in part to the costs being lower and thus lower stakes.

Fancy Lighting

Lighting is often said to be the jewelry of the home. Leigh Spicher, National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods Homes, is receiving more requests for mini chandeliers and decorative sconces to light powder rooms. This detail ensures that even the smallest areas of a home are well-accessorized and no longer an afterthought.

Playful Wallpaper

Watch out, dark and moody: Whimsical is back. “The former is undoubtedly super chic, but I’m all for cheerful prints in a powder room,” explains Caitlin Kah, founder of her namesake interior design firm in Palm Beach, Florida. “It’s one of the spaces in a home that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and when done right, playful wallpaper can create just as much of an elevated mood as dramatic prints.”

Under-Cabinet Lighting

A beautiful bathroom is both a retreat and a work of art, and under-cabinet lighting helps emphasize both. “Installing ambient lighting under your bathroom cabinets creates an inviting atmosphere with its soft, gentle glow,” Spicher says. “It’s also a great way to highlight the beautiful tile work.” One more pro? It makes the space look that much more elevated and custom—one may say hotel-like.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals have gone in and out of style, but they’re typically less prominent in the bathroom than in other spaces. However, Helms predicts there will be an increase in the look in 2024. “As it turns out, a pewter mirror looks fantastic with a bronze faucet,” she says. It also adds visual interest, keeping the eye moving between fixtures in a way they normally don’t.

An Unexpected Statement

“Spa-like bathrooms are tirelessly on trend, and for good reason,” Kah explains. “But in 2024, I think people will want to add a hint of unexpected character to what is otherwise a very zen and refined design brief.” Her approach? A geometric floor tile with neutral tones, or a geometric design with a blue and white palette. “The combination of patterns with a soft color palette is the perfect way to add personality to a streamlined, serene bathroom design. It feels fresh, but still timeless,” she finishes.

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