How to update a living room without buying anything new - free ways to give your space a new look

1. Rearrange existing furniture

Perhaps the easiest way to update a living room without buying anything is to move around what you already have. A new living room layout can completely transform the space, and almost trick you into thinking you've had a full-scale redesign.

2. Utilise wasted space

Knowing how to update a living room without buying anything new involves making the most of the space you're working with. Is there anywhere in your living area that currently feels like wasted space? Take the opportunity to put this space to good use.

'Create space for reading and reflection, perhaps beside a window with a favourite armchair and a useful side table,' Danielle suggests. 'You can revitalise a forgotten piece of furniture by offering it a new place in the living room, such as a pretty buttoned chair that hides shyly beneath a pile of clothes in the bedroom.'

3. Put current accessories to good use

We all have accessories and furnishings in places where they just don't get enough love. Rearranging this and bringing them into your living room decor can make the world of difference. Focus on one area at a time and think about how you could elevate its look.

4. Declutter

Rather than buying anything new, consider doing the opposite and stripping back what you already have. You'd be amazed at the difference it can make to any space when we let go of stuff we no longer use or need.

5. Reconfigure your lighting

It's no secret that living room lighting ideas can be incredibly impactful, and don't underestimate the difference they will make when learning how to update a living room without buying anything new.

How can I make my room look good without spending money?

You can elevate the look of your living room - or any room in your house - without buying anything new by maximising the potential of what you already have. A key aspect of this is arrangement of the furniture. 'You can shuffle your seating and storage around to create a focal point in your space, which will give your living room a sense of purpose and make it feel more inviting,' says Yvonne Keal, Senior Product Manager, Hillarys. As the biggest piece of furniture, the position of the sofa - or sofas - probably has the biggest impact in the living room. 'If you already have two sofas in your home, position them in your living room against opposite walls so that they face each other,' says Lena from Barker & Stonehouse. 'This makes the most of your floor space whilst cultivating a social atmosphere.'

How do you redecorate without buying anything?

To redecorate using your existing decor, it's important to think creatively about the best arrangement of your furniture and accessories. Work carefully with your space, putting it to good use without crowding in too much clutter. 'Statement accessories such as a large bowl can be positioned almost anywhere to elevate the look and updated regularly with in-season displays,' Danielle says. 'Handpainted eggs at Easter, mini pumpkins and gourds come autumn or foraged pinecones to fill the gap before decorating for Christmas.' If you have a coffee table, swap out the display items that sit on it every couple of months. Something as simple as switching out the sofa cushions and throws can freshen up a space - perhaps you could swap your living room furnishings with those currently in your bedroom. So now you know how to update a living room without buying anything new - who said spending money was part of giving your living area a whole new look?

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