20 Beautiful Interior Color Schemes Designers Have on Repeat

In interior design, two colors are better than one, and three are better than two. But with thousands of colors and millions of shades to choose from, how could you possibly create a combination that works? The answer: With some professional guidance. We tapped 20 interior designers for the tried and true color schemes they find themselves revisiting time after time. Whether you prefer rich colors with a glamorous feel or cool tones that look coastal chic, here are 20 pairings to incorporate in every room of your home.

Blue + Beige

Almost everyone loves blue, and it's easy to see why.

Hunter Green + Red

For a bold look, try green and red. We promise it won't look like Christmas.

Blue + Neons

Blue is extra calming, but a pop of bright colors can give it the oomph it needs.

Forest Green + Light Gray

If you're in the market for more earthy tones, green cannot be beat.

Blue + White

A classic color combination found everywhere from Cape Cod homes to beach California bungalows, a pairing of blue and white is never a bad idea.

Pink + Green

For a more unexpected take on interiors, try a variation of pink and green.

Light Blue + Emerald

For a cooler toned room, blues and greens give off a calm and easygoing vibe.

Black + Navy + Beige

Who says neutrals have to be boring? With pops of nearly cobalt blue, this space is anything but average.

Blue + Grass Green

As they're both cool colors, green and blue always play well together.

Gray-Green + White + Black

For a more neutral, earthy take, try gray-green and add black and white.

Black + Red

For an high-impact space, black and red make a bold statement.

Gray + Sand + Blue

Looking for more of a modern coastal vibe? Blue, tan, and gray are for you.

Blush Pink + Black

Pairing a strong shade, like black, with a lighter pastel, like blush pink, provides a great contrast.

Yellow + Gray

For those drawn to mustard shades, try pairing it with a charcoal gray.

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