19 Garden Trellis Ideas That Showcase the Beauty of Climbing Plants

Minimalist Geometry

Though trellises often take on a rustic or cottage feel, homes with a modern and contemporary aesthetic can get in on the trellis action, too. This minimalist design, which echos the building's architectural shapes, adds beautiful texture to an otherwise blank space.

Trellised Entrance

Incorporating trelliswork into a gateway adds a lot of opportunity. Use the trellis for climbing roses and other blooming plants and you can even install planters on top to create a showstopping entrance to any garden.

Hanging Panels

These hanging trellis panels provide porch privacy, a respite from the sun, and serve as a place for climbing roses and vines to take off.

Wire and Concrete

Trellises essentially train your plants to grow along a certain path. This wire trellis approach creates a striking look since the wire is completely enveloped by greenery, giving the illusion of plants that "just happened" to grow that way. This is a great treatment for a concrete wall that may otherwise not feel very warm.

Rustic Arbor

Frame your garden pathways with an arbor made of a series of arched trellises crafted from tree branches. This will give your garden's climbing vegetable vines an easy place to grow and meander while creating a magical tunnel to pass through.

Form and Function

Maximize your garden space by lining trellises along a path or road. This approach provides a warm welcome to visitors while serving a puprose. The trellises here are constructed from skinny tree branches and will support an edible garden as it grows.

Built-In Bench

Whimsical and unexpected features instantly make a garden feel like an enchanted retreat. Here, a trellis with a built-in bench creates the sensation of being tucked inside a serene hideaway.

Reclaimed Wood

Let your creative mind wander when coming up with trellis ideas. Use parts of an old fence, window frames, laundry drying racks, and ladders—anything vertical with structure and space for plants to climb can create a charming moment in your garden.

Mobile Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are an excellent addition to small and large spaces. Wheels make them easy to maneuver and relocate as needed, while a built-in trellis allows you to grow vines, flowers, and foliage.

Defined Space

This backyard enclave is enhanced by a wall made from horizontally placed wood planks. It defines the space and creates privacy while also lending structure for ivy and other climbing plants.

Twig and Twine

For a charming spin on a store-bought lattice, consider building your own out of twigs and branches—it will almost blend right in, letting the plants be the star of the show. Secure with twine and place in your garden for flowers and vegetables to enjoy.

Secret Garden Portal

A wrought iron garden entrance instantly creates a "secret garden" feel while providing dimension and texture to your space. Selecting a piece with lattice work will help encourage vining plants to grow vertically.

Lumber Lattice

A trellis fence lends privacy while seamlessly blending into a garden and creating a "one with nature" aesthetic. Whether you need a single privacy screen or want to enclose your yard, it's a simple way to dress up your outdoor space.

Iron Obelisk

A pitched, obelisk-like trellis is something you can easily incorporate into your garden. From variegated ivy to morning glories, it's a refuge for a variety of climbing foliage. This one's made from wrought iron, but you'll find this silhouette made of various materials. Even without plants, it's pretty enough to offer visual interest through all seasons.

Pumpkin Support

Pumpkins (and other vegetables) can benefit from trellises since they help lift the fruit off the ground, reducing rot and pest damage. Because pumpkin plants tend to spread so quickly, growing pumpkins on trellises can also save space and simplify harvesting. A large structure—like this pitched version constructed from reclaimed wood—is ideal.

Garden Arch

If you're seeking a simple garden trellis idea that'll make a wow statement, install an elegant arched variation. It creates a sweet walkway while serving as the perfect backdrop for vining greenery.

Narrow Accent

A trellis doesn't have to cover a whole wall. Consider using a narrow structure for a statement climbing plant, like this beautiful clematis, to bring an accent of geometry to a space.

Natural Bamboo

Bamboo poles are lauded for their strength and straightness, making them an ideal material for crisscrossing into a neat and tidy trellis. A form like this can be made by placing the poles directly in the ground in a tent-like pattern and tying them with twine along a crossbar on top.

Sweet Pea Display

Need a pop of vertical color and texture somehwere? Install a simple freestanding trellis and plant sweet peas for the sweetest display. A white trellis will make them even more of a focal point, but natural wood would be just as pretty.

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