18 Kitchen Styles That Will Make an Impact


A farmhouse style kitchen exudes warmth and comfort. Take cues from this beautiful space and go with simple shaker-style cabinets and antique brass hardware, a combination of pendant lights and wall sconces, some shiplap on the walls, and a butcher-block island.


A traditional kitchen highlights timeless materials such as marble and chrome. Instead of following trends, choose a neutral color palette and invest in quality hardware and lighting that will stand the test of time.

Mid-Century Modern

Take inspiration from mid-century modern style and opt for a simple and streamlined kitchen design. It emphasizes clean lines and quality materials such as natural wood. Switch things up with a stacked vertical tile arrangement and stick with matte black hardware and fixtures.

Modern Industrial

Channel modern industrial style in your kitchen with a neutral color palette and mixed materials. A black subway tile backsplash extends to the ceiling and sets a cool backdrop for stainless steel appliances and statement polished chrome fixtures. Glass pendant lights highlight a large wooden island, whose warmth is emphasized with woven counter stools and echoed with an exposed wood ceiling beam that's characteristic for this style.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a great way to connect the kitchen with the rest of the living space, both practically and visually. Continue design elements from the dining and living room in the kitchen for a unified space and echo colors and materials for cohesion.


Have fun with color and pattern and embrace eclectic style in your kitchen. Do so through a vibrant wallpaper or backsplash, a graphic floor tile, a displayed collection of dishes, vintage-inspired seating, and statement light fixtures. They should give the kitchen a collected-over-time appearance.


Stick with solids when it comes to color, material, and design in a contemporary-style kitchen. Extend upper cabinets to the ceiling, add interest with a waterfall island, and keep displays at a minimum for a clean and streamlined approach.


Stay away from overly ornate shapes, highly decorative tile, and over-the-top lighting and hardware if you're going for a minimalist kitchen design. Use plain cabinet doors with simple hardware, add streamlined seating and lights, and keep surfaces clutter-free.


A modern kitchen emphasizes clean lines, a streamlined design, and a cohesive color scheme. Add natural wood tones for warmth and contrast to white walls, and opt for black window frames, fixtures, and hardware for an updated look.


If your personal style lands somewhere between modern and traditional, a transitional kitchen is the perfect fit. It stays true to classic style while incorporating more modern elements through accessories such as seating, lighting, and window treatments


For a relaxed aesthetic, give your kitchen a coastal style makeover with light blue cabinets, statement brass hardware, and visually light glass pendant lights. Add texture with woven counter stools and a jute runner rug, and keep the space open and airy with crisp white walls and trim.


An all-white kitchen is classic, but doesn't need to be boring. Dress it up with an interesting tile backsplash, statement cabinet hardware, and a custom range hood cover.


A cottage-inspired kitchen is the epitome of charm and character. If a full renovation is not in the budget, incorporate this style into your existing kitchen by adding a shiplap backsplash, painting cabinets a warm, off-white color, and replacing a couple of the doors with glass fronts. Display a collection of glassware or copper pots and hang kitchen-inspired vintage art for a quintessential cottage aesthetic


An eat-in kitchen adds extra function to the room, providing a space to eat, relax, or do homework. Make sure to leave enough clearance around the table to allow for unrestricted movement and use it as an opportunity to incorporate a statement pendant light and beautiful chairs that elevate the kitchen.

Modern Rustic

Incorporate a wood ceiling and a stone wall in a modern kitchen for a modern rustic twist. Stick with a neutral color palette and clean lines, and warm up the space with cozy touches such as a small table lamp on a countertop and comfortable upholstered seating.

Mountain Cabin-Inspired

Turn your kitchen into a mountain cabin-inspired retreat with raw elements such as wood beams and a stone wall, and a dark and moody color scheme. Opt for wooden window frames to emphasize the nature-inspired style and incorporate open shelving for a casual look.

Updated Craftsman

For an updated craftsman-style kitchen, celebrate quality craftsmanship with natural wood door and window frames, then modernize the room with more streamlined cabinets and decorative hardware. Continue the updated feel with crisp white walls and a luxurious marble backsplash.

Coastal Farmhouse

Merge coastal and farmhouse styles in your kitchen for a warm and inviting space. Set a neutral backdrop with white walls and cabinets, create contrast with matte black wall sconces, and incorporate cozy textures with woven counter stools and window shades.

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