10 Fast-Growing Privacy Trees You Should Plant in Your Yard

Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid poplars make excellent privacy trees for their fast growth and ease of maintenance. When they reach full maturity, these deciduous trees sit up to 50 ft. tall and produce an oval shape that does wonders for the visual interest in your yard's landscape.

Green Giant Arborvitae

With their Christmas tree-like shape, it's no wonder why the green giant arborvitae is a favorite for privacy trees. These evergreen trees provide the ultimate view block from your yard with their lush branches that can reach between 12-20 ft. wide.

Eastern Red Cedar

astern red cedars have a similar pyramid shape as the green giant arborvitae but with branches that extend upwards instead of out. Evergreen and in the cypress family, they don't grow as tall, but still grow tall enough to serve as an excellent natural fence around your home while adding subtle color from the blue-green leaves.

Leyland Cypress

Notable for their fast-growing time and tall height, the evergreen leyland cypress is a popular pick for privacy trees. They're low maintenance and drought-tolerant, but do require pruning at the beginning of spring to keep them from overgrowing. We particularly love the extension of the branches that adds texture to the look of your yard, and the lush greenery.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Technically a shrub, the emerald green arborvitae still makes our list of the best fast-growing privacy trees. They're prefect for smaller yards if you're limited on space or want a tree option that doesn't grow as tall while still getting little maintenance needs and strong durability. These evergreen shrubs sport a glossy appearance to spruce your yard fence further and love being in the full sun though they can handle partial shade.

Wax Myrtle

The wax myrtle is another evergreen tree that is beloved for privacy screens. These trees contain dense foliage and grow just as fast as others on our list without reaching an enormous height. While others on our list sport only lush greenery, these shrubs combine olive green leaves with a hint of color from the flowers it produces in the spring. The only special maintenance needs for these trees is regular pruning to keep it at your specific height.

Areca Palm

Create a beachy look outside your home with the easy-to-care-for Areca palm tree. These leafy evergreen trees are whimsical and fun, plus they reach between 15-40 ft. tall to give you the perfect height privacy. Though Areca palm trees are easy to grow and care for, they do have one specific requirement: bright areas with indirect lighting to keep their leaves from crisping and browning.

Dawn Redwood

The dawn redwood, a deciduous tree, provides more for your yard than complete blockage and noise reduction qualities. These trees are wonderful for natural life like birds and deer and also makes the area look full with the extended brands of green foliage. Plus, for even more yard visuals, these trees turn a beautiful shade of red in the fall for natural seasonal decor.

Chinese Tallow Tree

We love the idea of utilizing a Chinese tallow tree as a natural privacy screen along the edge of your yard or the back corner away from the house (unless you want to constantly sweep up fallen flowers throughout the year). These quick-growing deciduous trees also change colors in the fall but produce full foliage throughout the spring and summer for seclusion. The only maintenance request these trees have is to be in the full sun and moist soil from consistent watering.

Yellow Oleander

How joyful would this tropical, evergreen shrub by in your yard? Sporting dark green foliage with tiny yellow trumpet flowers, these trees give your yard the privacy you're wanting while adding a subtle splash of color. The best part is that they grow rather quickly and is low maintenance.

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