16 Basement Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

Address the Ceiling

Don't forget about the ceiling when designing the space. Basement offices can be fun, too, and covering the fifth wall of the room is one way to go bold and experiment a little.

Brighten Up the Space

Brighten up your basement office with the addition of decorative lighting, fresh blooms, and colorful art. Small touches like these will go a long way in making sure your basement appears more home-like and welcoming.

Make Use of Your Walls

Make the most of your wall space by hanging up a whiteboard, calendar, hanging file system, shelf, and whatever else you need to stay organized. You'll never forget an appointment or misplace an important paper ever again.

Choose a Peppy Print

Wallpaper is one way to take any room of the home from drab to fab. Bring your basement office to life by covering the walls with a print that is sure to make you smile. Incorporating built-in shelving is another way to make your space feel more custom.

Sit Beneath the Window

Place your desk right under the window so that you can experience plenty of sunlight and admire your yard (or keep an eye out as children play) during the work day.

Keep It Sleek

If you're someone who appreciates a sleek, modern look, a basement office like this one is ideal with its neutral color palette and minimal layout

Opt for a Sofa or Armchair

If you like to move around and work from different locations throughout the day, consider adding some seating in your basement office. That way, you can take a break from your desk to curl up and check emails from the sofa or armchair when you need a shift.

Mix Patterns for a Bit of Fun

If you can't get enough of pattern play, you can certainly enjoy mixing different prints and colors in the office. Given how much time you'll be spending in the space each and every day, you deserve to love your surroundings.

Section Off the Room With Paint

Painting the home office portion of your basement a different color than the rest of the room will help to ensure it feels like its own nook. The change in color will serve as a natural divider from the rest of the space.

Utilize Hallway Space

The hallway within your basement offers valuable space that can make for an excellent desk area. Don't let any of your precious square footage go to waste by adding clever storage and organizing units throughout.

Design a Built-in Storage System

If you need a place to tuck away plenty of books and journals, create a wall full of built-ins in the basement, leaving room for a work station in the middle. This setup makes it easy to stay nice and organized at all times.

Perfect Your Video Background

With so many people taking meetings via video these days, having a stylish background has never been more important. Place your desk in front of a set of well-designed built-ins like these and your coworkers will surely be doling out compliments.

Embrace Natural Light

Place your desk or table at an angle so that you can fully optimize your view out the window. Basements have a reputation for being dark and stuffy, but that isn't always the case—if sunshine is streaming through, you'll want to be able to enjoy it.

Install Sliding Barn Doors

Use sliding barn doors to separate your basement's desk area from the entertaining portion of the room. When you have friends over in the evenings, it'll be easy to switch off from work mode and keep your responsibilities out of sight and out of mind.

Opt for a Table Instead of a Desk

Some people prefer sitting at a large table to work instead of using a traditional desk. If this is you, note that a table can also double as a craft station or spot for kids to do their homework or work on school projects, making it a versatile option.

Accessorize Like a Pro

Add charm to your basement office by going beyond the basics and adding eye-catching artwork, sconces, vases, and other accent pieces. Just because you're sitting down to work doesn't mean you can't be surrounded by beautiful things.

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