15 Stunning Brick Wall Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

What are the pros of going for an exposed brick wall design?

An exposed brick wall design is cost-efficient as it is a structure’s basic foundation. Bricks are readily available and can also be reused. Their roughness makes them sustainable and stand the worst of the weather. They have an aesthetic appeal whether they are part of the interior or exterior design of the house.

Exposed Brick Wall Design for the Living Room

If you are after some living room ideas, an exposed brick wall design can turn it into the most comfortable and unique living room you’ve ever set foot in! Ana says, “A full coverage of brick walls can create a warm and immersive ambiance.”

Traditional Brick Wall Design for the Kitchen

You can use the ageless charm of brick walls to infuse a traditional twist into your modern kitchen. Emilie superbly puts it, “Of course, integrating a stove with brick is a great nod to a traditional hearth and how that was used in homes hundreds of years ago.”

Whitewash Brick Wall Interior Design for a Cozy Bedroom

Whitewashing is an elegant option for a brick wall interior design. You can opt for white linen, white curtains, and white carpets to stick to the theme. Or, you can use different white hues that complement your white brick wall design. It creates a serene atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate in your cozy bedroom.

Herringbone Brick Wall Design Pattern for Dining Room

“The brick wall pattern, with its distinctive arrangement of rectangular blocks, holds a significant influence over the overall design of a space. Its impact goes beyond mere aesthetics, affecting any interior’s mood, style, and perception. For instance, a herringbone pattern infuses a touch of intricate sophistication,” says Ana.

Exposed Brick Wall Interior Design to Display Art Pieces

Emilie says, “Brick sizes are typically smaller (as far as I know, there are no 24” x 48” slabs of brick lying around!). Playing with scale by mixing the smaller brick with a larger art piece is a modern approach.”

Stretcher Bond Brick Wall Design Pattern for Interior Color Play

“Brick wall design patterns should enhance the room’s aesthetic without overwhelming it. A traditional horizontal stretcher bond exudes a classic, versatile, and timeless feel,” says Ana.

Red Brick Wall Design for an Industrial Home

Make a statement with red brick walls for your industrial home. Add cream-colored ceiling-to-floor drapes that veil the large windows. Adorn the room with wooden furniture and smart lighting. Use a textured carpet below the seating area. Crown the look with an upholstered sofa for a classy touch.

Soothing Brick Wall Background to Showcase Antiques

Antiques are a treasure in themselves. And brick walls are the easiest solution to give them the proper display space. Brick walls also provide a soothing backdrop for a display case. They work solemnly, while the antiques are the ones that steal the show.

Painted Brick Wall for Children’s Room

Brick walls serve many purposes. And acting as a canvas to paint your kid’s dream bedroom is just one of them. Pleasant colors like light pink, pale yellow, or mint green on the textured brick wall will create a playful and fun environment for your kids. You can change the brick wall design to suit their needs as the kids grow up and their tastes evolve.

Funky Graffiti to Design a Brick Wall

You can personalize your exposed brick wall by using funky graffiti. A stacked bond brick pattern or a stretcher bond is most convenient for designing brick wall graffiti. As the ball is entirely in your court, you can add artistic expression to the graffiti and create a design that aligns with your aura.

Comfy Brick Wall with a Charming Fireplace

Add a charming little fireplace to your brick wall design for a romantic Southern retreat. You can place your treasured antiques and heirlooms on the vintage fireplace mantel. For a dramatic effect, add a rustic splash with wooden furniture. Create a cozy cocoon with a full brick wall coverage and have fun with your loved ones.

Minimalist Brick Wall Design for a Library Nook

An exposed brick wall is the answer to creating the perfect minimalist space. Make an enclosure with bookcases against the brick wall backdrop. Complete the look with a rattan armchair. Lose yourself in your bookland as you laze around in the brick wall library nook.

Accented Brick Wall for a Studio Apartment

Create a brick accent wall design and add a glamorous effect to your studio apartment. “An accented brick wall is a great choice, especially if it is behind your sofa. A bold, saturated, colorful sofa against a brick wall — the mix of hard and soft creates an appealing effect,” says Emilie. Let the brick wall add drama to your space.

Exposed Brick Wall Backdrop for Wall Mounted Shelves

Emilie says, “Depending on what material you use for the shelves and the brackets, it can influence the style of your room; plus, brick is a great backdrop against which to have books, vases, and other decorative elements.”

Industrial Brick Wall Design for a Home Office

As the natural sound-absorbing qualities of brick create a quieter environment and a peaceful setting, a brick wall design is the perfect solution for a home office. Add large windows and adorn them with metallic frames. Give it a modern touch with smart lighting, and you have an excellent industrial brick wall design at your disposal.

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