15 Colors That Go Perfectly With Blue—And Look Great in Any Room

Crisp White

Name a more classic duo—we’ll wait. Blue and white are a perennially popular pair, beloved for their inherently traditional appeal. That being said, they can also feel fresh, especially when realized in crisp, cool shades.

Lemon Yellow

If you’re looking to lean into blue's happy undertones, there’s no better hue to team it with than cheery lemon yellow. The two amplify each other’s good vibes, resulting in a space that’s lively, energetic, and playful.

Tropical Teal

Pairing blue with another member of the same color family is all about finding the right tones, especially when working within an oceanic-inspired palette, like the one seen in this kitchen by designer Fran Keenan.

Mint Green

When designer Kerri Pilchik was tasked with breathing life into this New York living room, she turned to approachable shades of denim blue and mint green for a happy escape where it’s eternally spring.

Wood Tones

While not technically a color, wood tones are just as ubiquitous throughout the home—and just as beautiful with a range of blues, especially when combined on cabinetry or millwork.

Heather Gray

Looking to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere? Pair a deeper shade of blue—think inky navy or rich chambray—with a light heather gray for a combination that feels like a warm hug. In this sweet childhood bedroom, designer Colleen Simonds papered the walls with Cole and Sons’ Woods and Stars (in midnight blue), bringing a calming layer to the space with plenty of gray details, like the custom window seat, pillows, and rug.

Zesty Tangerine

Any time you want to achieve high impact in a space, incorporate complementary colors that reside on opposite sides of the color wheel. In the case of blue, orange is the way to go, offering up another bold hue that can hold its own against everyone’s favorite shade.

Natural Fibers

Calling all coastal fans! If your dream is to live within Nancy Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give, then this next combination is for you. Rather than pairing your signature blue with a specific shade, help it come alive by way of natural fibers.

Calming Cream

Upon first glance cream and white may seem the same, but hear us out. While one (white) leans into blue’s inherently preppy and cool-toned appeal, the other (cream) softens the shade, bringing out any warmer tones and giving it a “muddier” finish.

Grassy Green

One word comes to mind when we look at this room by designer Laura Solensky: crisp. With a standout palette of nature-inspired hues—namely grassy green and sky blue—this sophisticated retreat is calm but not boring.

Tame Taupe

Sand, ecru, mushroom, tan—whatever name it goes by in your world, taupe has universal appeal. It skews much warmer than most whites, making it a great way to soften the cool tones of your go-to indigo.

Glittering Metallics

Let’s face it: Metallics are basically neutrals, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a hue that they don’t combine well with. That being said, shades of blue are especially versatile—you can warm them up with a hit of bronze or unlacquered brass, or compliment their coolness with some polished nickel.

Charming Coral

If bold orange isn’t your thing, you can still harness the power of complementary colors by pairing your blue-based palette with a softer hue within the orange family, like coral. In this traditional living room by Kerri Pilchik, powdery blue mixes with charming coral (and plenty of cream) for a classic space that still feels very now.

Elegant Emerald

Dramatic emerald green is bold enough on its own, but team it with blue and the pair is bound to make a statement. The duo is a match made in design heaven, especially for homeowners looking to lean into their moody side without losing all dimension in their space.

Here, the team behind Ash & Pine Interiors accentuated an eye-catching wallpaper from Kelly Ventura with a sumptuous emerald velvet couch that just begs for a mid-day break.

Cherry Red

When we say red and blue, chances are your mind probably goes to a certain mid-summer holiday, right? Well, we have good news: The Americana color combo looks good on more than just the star-spangled banner.

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