15 Blue Bathrooms For Blissful Inspiration

Bask In Beachy Blues

Nothing screams beach like seashells and shades of blue — especially ones that reflect the depths of the ocean and the sun-bathed waves that wash up on shore. Tile accentuates that beach house feel.

Mix In Metallics

We can't get over the way gold shines against a vibrant shade of blue. A vintage gold mirror and sketched blue patterns give this bathroom a beautiful makeover.

Dazzle With Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are just as suitable for your bathroom as your primary bedroom. “Powder rooms should be treated like the jewel box of your home," says Heather Disabella of Heather Disabella Interior Design in Washington, D.C.

Play With Patterns

We all know how difficult it is to pair different patterned wallpapers. But wall texture, like this 'tongue and groove' paneling, easily complements patterned wallpaper without clashing.

Give Shiplap Its Moment

Tealy blue + rustic shiplap = the vintage bathroom of your dreams. One of the best traits of blue is that it pairs with nearly every other color — white, red, tan, green, you name it!

Say Hello To Baby Blue

Don't underestimate a subtle statement. Sometimes, you just need a wall color to fly under the radar. Baby blue is perfect: It makes a room feel calm without drawing attention to itself.

Lean On Warmer Tones

Pinks and oranges, reds and yellows — all these colors pair beautifully with the right shade of blue. Here, coral pink and baby blue are the ultimate power duo.

Make Surprising Selections

Blue and white have stood the test of time. Their harmonious marriage is one of the most flattering color schemes for your Southern bathroom.

Double Up

Blue is one of the most versatile hues in the interior design world. Light blue, dark blue, gray-ish blues, green-ish blues — the options are almost limitless, especially because blues pair well with each other.

Bring Back Retro Patterns

You can't go wrong with a nostalgic pattern or two in a Southern bathroom. Blue is less common in vintage color schemes, allowing you to surprise guests.

Dig Into Darker Tones

Darker blues are often neglected in bathroom design, but darker colors hide blemishes and create depth and drama, especially when paired with white furnishings.

Go All In

Teal is an energizing, brightening color — perfect for a bathroom. Paint all the walls and ceiling this stunning color for maximum impact.

Let The Outside Lead

Look to Mother Nature for inspiration from plants, florals, and more. In this bathroom, blue pairs with a variety of materials, so you don't need to worry about which woods or marbles to use.

Subtle Tones

This unique vanity almost resembles a cloud — a fitting element for this soothing blue bathroom. Feminine light blues are ideal for creating the perfect calming powder room.

Something In The Middle

If you're looking for a blue that invokes modernity without being overwhelming, slate blue is your color. This timeless shade pairs well with dark woods, white furnishings, and different metal finishes.

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