14 Gazebo Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Outdoor Retreat

Rustic Log and Stone Gazebo

If you're partial to a rustic cottage aesthetic, consider building a gazebo made from sturdy wooden logs. This one also features a stone floor and a working wood fireplace. Draped curtains and greenery lend some softness and romance.

Ultra Minimalist Gazebo

For anyone with a modern home and a taste for minimalism, consider a stripped-back design similar to this one. A sleek black roof with narrow columns provides shade, while a stone retaining wall leans into the cool tones. Even the matching furniture is kept to a minimum.

Small Gazebo With Curtains

For dreamy romance, take your cue from this beautiful free-standing gazebo. The tent-like shape—complete with ruched blue fabric roof and curtains—adds visual interest to any yard, while scalloped design details offer even more intrigue.

Gazebo Meets Porch

Consider building out a gazebo-style structure off your home's porch. While not a true gazebo and open on all sides, this is a great solution for those who want a gazebo but may not have the yard space. It's also convenient in the sense that it allows you to easily come and go from the house as you please.

Large Brick Gazebo

While many gazebos are made from wood or metal, brick is an excellent material to reach for when building out a new outdoor reprieve. This large brick gazebo designed by Eiler Associates provides enough space for cooking, prepping, lounging, and dining.

Traditional Cedar Wood Gazebo

If you're drawn to the silhouette of a traditional style gazebo, let this beautiful design inspire your build. Made from a gorgeous and sturdy cedar wood, it features that classic rounded shape with a pointed roof. The lattice work in the corners lends some extra personality, while lush greenery and a paver walkway make it extra inviting.

Elevated Waterfront Gazebo

Who says a gazebo needs to sit on ground level? This beautiful lakeside structure is elevated on stilts, providing scenic views of the water while providing storage space for a boat.

Ivy Roof Gazebo

An extra-long gazebo makes for an excellent space for entertaining. To help it feel more "at one" with the rest of your yard, grow vining plants at the base of each column and allow them to take over the roof as well.

Tiered Roof Gazebo

This captivating wood gazebo beckons you to sit and take a load off with its classic silhouette and surrounding lush foliage. The tiered roof adds another layer of drama, as does intricate corner molding, inviting solar lights, and rocking chairs.

Simple Gazebo

Sometimes the simplest structure is exactly what you need to transform your backyard space into a welcoming destination. This gazebo design features a straightforward, house-like design complete with a sloped roof and platform. You could keep the walls open or add curtains, and it's perfect for everything from a small dining table to a cozy lounge.

Gazebo Dining Retreat

You know you're living the dream when al fresco meals are part of your everyday routine. Whether large or small, gazebos are an excellent place for a dining table. Soft lighting and comfortable chairs will take your outdoor dining experience to the next level.

Holiday Decorated

Whatever gazebo style you prefer—and however you choose to outfit it—consider getting creative with every holiday that rolls around. From festive Fourth of July decor to Easter-inspired, your outdoor retreat can serve as an extension of your home and provide the perfect place to celebrate.

Enclosed Gazebo

While gazebos typically feature an open-air design, you can certainly enclose yours for more comfort. An enclosed gazebo keeps bugs away and can also remain cooler during the hot months and warmer during the chilly ones. Screens or windows allow for airflow as needed while letting in light.

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