14 Bathroom Design Trends That’ll Take Off in 2024, According to Industry Pros

Modern Design

55 percent of survey takers agree that modern, contemporary design styles with an organic, natural influence are still going strong in bathrooms at the moment. Unsurprisingly, transitional and timeless styles are still mainstream too and not going anywhere either, according to 64 percent of respondents.

Green Bathrooms

The all-white bathroom is falling out of favor, and now we’re leaning towards biophilic-inspired colors like green. Most survey respondents (35 percent) reported green as their preferred bathroom hue, which out-ranked white (31 percent), blue (26 percent), gray (25 percent), and several others. General color palettes are shifting towards warm neutrals and earth tones for a cozy, calm ambience in bathrooms.

Water Closets

A water closet is just a tiny room with a toilet! But a closed-off loo is seriously in demand: 71 percent of respondents say that water closets, both with or without doors, are considered highly desirable now.

Smart Toilets

And on the subject of toilets, designers say that in three years, the top toilet trends will be smart toilets that feature automatic lids, warming seats, and self-cleaning functions. A toilet that cleans itself? Sign us up!

Tricked-Out Showers

The fancier the shower, the better: Features like built-in seating, hand-held shower heads, rain showers, steam showers, and body sprays are all on the rise. 67 percent of respondents say a shower with a separate tub or entire wet room (57 percent) will also be popular configurations.

Door-less Showers

When asked about shower configurations, 70 percent of respondents said the favored approach was for no door or open (and curb-less) transition between the shower and the rest of the space. Additionally, any glass panels surrounding the shower will be frameless and crystal clear (versus frosted or smoked).

Black Faucets

The leading finishes for faucets are black (51 percent) followed by nickel or pewter (45 percent). Matte and brushed finishes, enhanced with Spot Defense for fewer water marks, are trending as well.


Yes, you read that correctly. More bathrooms will have bevvy stations and mini refrigerators. 21 percent of respondents said there is growing interest in adding refrigerators to primary baths for beverages, medications, creams, and makeup.

Floor Tile Patterns

Pretty floor tile arrangements on shower floors are on-trend now: Tiles installed in a variety of patterned designs (e.g. hex, chevron, herringbone) are beating out large-format tile, pebbles and stone, slabs and solid surfaces, and circle or square mosaics. The rest of the bathroom floor will also have patterned, textured tiles (primarily ceramic and porcelain) with small or no grout lines and enhanced with app-controlled heating features.


This trend has been floating around for a while now, and it’s not going away any time soon. According to the NKBA, designers are leveraging wallpaper as the top way to incorporate new statement colors to the bath, netting the most votes with 50 percent. This topped bringing in color through cabinets and vanities (49 percent), wall paint (36 percent), artwork (31 percent), and bathroom flooring (27 percent).

Large-Format Tile

People are sick of cleaning grout lines! They're now straying from the tile shower and looking for more paneled, grout-less options. 74 percent and 68 percent of respondents say large-format tile and slab or solid surface, respectively, will line more shower walls in the future to minimize grout upkeep.


Light-colored engineered materials are edging out natural materials in general. Because it looks so much like real stone and is incredibly easy to care for, quartz is the top choice with a whopping 81 percent of respondents confirming it will be the “it” vanity material in the near future. (Another hot vanity-related trend: Extending the countertop material into a backsplash for a seamless look.)

Light-Colored Vanities

Vanities are lightening up—respondents confirmed that light to medium natural grain and textured wood are preferred over darker, painted styles. Additionally, floating vanities are growing in popularity, with 64 percent of respondents saying they’ll be in more homes in the next three years. Another trending vanity feature is motion sensor toe kick lighting, which adds a nice glow to spaces but also functions as an elevated take on the nightlight.

Backlit Mirrors

56 percent of respondents say backlit mirrors will be everywhere in a few years, as well as mirrors with anti-fog qualities and smart or connected capabilities.

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