13 Timeless Bathroom Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

Replace Medicine Cabinets With Stylish Mirrors

If your bathroom features a medicine cabinet that sticks out like a sore thumb, consider removing it and replacing it with a mirror that better complements your aesthetic. These two cut glass mirrors are elegant and timeless.

Add Wallpaper

Transform plain bathroom walls with the addition of wallpaper—whether peel-and-stick or permanent—and your space will appear much more custom and complete. Even if you opt to paper just half of a wall, as seen here, the addition of a cheerful print will breathe life into your space.

Don't Forget the Floor Tile

There are so many styles of bathroom floor tiles to choose from, so sort through the various options in order to find a pattern that speaks to you. This classic black and white design is sure to stand the test of time.

Style the Sink Area

Keep your sink area pared down and product-free. Then, adorn the space with just a few accent pieces that will contribute to your bathroom's overall design scheme and serve a function. Small vases, canisters, and soap holders are all excellent choices.

Install a Chic Light Fixture

The right light fixture has the ability to truly shape a room and ensure that it looks more complete. This beautiful white lantern makes a stylish statement in this bathroom without competing with the beautiful floral wallpaper and sconces present.

Pick a Cute Bathmat

Every bathroom requires some sort of bathmat, but rather than simply going the utilitarian route, opt for a piece that plays to the overall design scheme. This scalloped jute mat plays to the other warm tones spread throughout this small yet sweet bathroom.

Make Use of Trays

Corral items such as makeup wipes and washcloths in petite woven trays, so that your day-to-day essentials are accessible yet do not appear cluttered. When it comes time to wipe down your vanity area, you can simply lift the basket rather than having to pick up individual items.

Don't Forget About Beadboard

Beadboard is classic looking and adds textural interest to any room—including the bathroom. Here, the material is paired with brass and marble for a more modern look. A space like this one is perfect for the neutral lover.

Hang Sconces

Use sconces to better regulate the lighting in your bathroom while contributing to the space's sophistication. In the evenings, you may prefer basking in their warm glow as you wind down, keeping the overhead light turned off.

Select Luxe Tile

Marble tile shines in this high-end-looking bathroom, which is drenched in neutrals. The black, white, and gray color scheme results in a hotel-like look.

Lay Down a Vintage Rug

Maybe you're inclined to weave a bit of color into the bathroom, in which case, a sizable vintage Turkish rug makes for an excellent option. These will also add a storied look to any space.

Display Framed Art

Hanging artwork in the bathroom may not be your first priority, but you'll likely find that you enjoy having something pretty to admire as you soak in the tub. These nature-inspired prints complement this bathroom's neutral tones nicely.

Get Nice and Organized

If you're someone who owns lots and lots of beauty products, keep them off of the sink and store them in a cabinet placed next to the vanity instead. Make use of baskets and canisters to keep everything organized and sorted by category to prevent the buildup of clutter.

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