12 Window Treatment Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors

Match Up

This calming green hue envelopes the entire room, thanks in part to the curtains that are an exact color match for the walls. They create continuity and allow the statement trim to remain the focus when shut.

Let the Light In

With the sliding glass doors bringing in so much natural light, it doesn't make sense to hang thick, opaque window treatments. Airy curtains allow the sun's rays to peek through while still allowing privacy.

Make a Pattern

If you're going to hang window treatments, they might as well stand out. This living room pairs three different blue and white prints, with the largest application being the curtains.

Let It Roll

When your walls are made entirely of windows (and you have such a great view), curtains just aren't an option. In any room where you prefer a minimalist approach, roller shades—which you can see just barely peeking out at the top—are the way to go.

Create an Illusion

You can't tell, but the sliding glass doors aren't actually as wide as the drapes make them look. Bigger windows (or glass doors, in this case) make the room feel larger and more luxurious as a result.

In Color

There are a rainbow of hues in the world, all waiting to be used in your home. Because drapes are such a large-scale design element, opting for a color makes them more than just a pop—it makes them a true presence in your space.

Make a Match

When different parts of the room need different window treatments, you can make them cohesive by using the same fabric for everything. In an open concept room like this one, it's especially helpful.

All Natural

Instead of fabric, try something else: bamboo. The organic element brings contrast and texture, and is able to read as coastal, boho, or even rustic, depending on its surroundings.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes classic white curtains are all a space really requires, especially in a light, neutral space. With a lack of other textiles, this bathroom benefits from the warmth and coziness that the window treatments provide.

Trim It Out

Never underestimate how a beautiful trim can elevate your drapes. The green Greek key symbol adds more pattern and color to the room, helping balance an otherwise simple wall with the maximalist bedroom.

A Perfect Pair

What sets great design apart from good design is in the details: In this case, it's the coordinating drapes and chairs that tie the room together. Using a pattern makes this intentionality all the more obvious.

Ripple Effect

Reminiscent of something you might find in a luxury hotel, ripplefold drapery is timeless and elegant. The hidden ceiling-mounted tracks make it look even more clean and sophisticated.

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