12 Orange Paint Colors to Energize Any Space, According to Designers

Electric Orange by Benjamin Moore

Inspired by my travels to India, orange has become one of my favorite colors and a signature across my work (even appearing in my logo!). It is such a happy, energetic, bursting, brilliant color.

Tawny Day Lily by Benjamin Moore

Orange is an extremely dramatic color, which is why so many people love it. Painting trim with Tawny Day Lily is an easy way to add fun and drama to a space without the color taking over. It is a perfect counterpoint to greens and blues. Orange works best when you want to energize a space. Because it is such a strong color, start small, using it as an accent color on trim, doors, mirrors, or cabinetry. But, who wouldn’t love a terrace-level game room in a punchy persimmon or tangy tangerine?

Orange from Benjamin Moore

“For small spaces that need some energy, like a laundry or utility room, orange can be the perfect color. I used Orange from Benjamin Moore at a compound in Santa Barbara: I added to it a piece of fun folk art, and the space went from dreary to fab. It’s important not to forget these small spaces—to paint with a color costs no more than painting with white.” —Kathryn M. Ireland

Invigorate by Sherwin-Williams

“Orange is considered a social color that exudes enthusiasm, excitement, and energy. It also promotes communication, openness, and warmth, so it’s a great color to use in shared spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and lobbies. I particularly love Invigorate by Sherwin-Williams. Bright and bold oranges [activate] a space while the softer tones can be more nurturing. Choose the shade that aligns with your goals and intentions for your space and your life.” —Christa O’Leary

Windswept Canyon by Sherwin-Williams

“We love orange and its remarkable ability to capture attention, to create a lively atmosphere anywhere in the home. Its vibrant and warm nature radiates a sense of creativity while standing out due to its invigorating presence. One of our favorites is Sherwin-Williams’s Windswept Canyon…. For the adventurous, flooding the walls with this color can transform interior spaces into a hub of social interaction and artistic expression.” —Lisa Shaffer, Lisa & Leroy

Jalapeño by Sherwin-Williams

“My heart just loves Jalapeño by Sherwin-Williams—but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! You better love orange if you are using this one.” —Lee Crowder, Taylor Morrison

Cayenne by Sherwin-Williams

“Orange is associated with optimism and positive energy, and can visually infuse almost any space with warmth. Add a little red to it, as Sherwin-Williams did with Cayenne, and it becomes an even more fiery and exciting showstopper! I tend to specify bold, saturated oranges in spaces that could use a little pep…. Bedrooms, conference rooms, and even powder rooms can always benefit from orange’s playfulness. I’ve selected Cayenne for the walls of a guest bedroom to soften and warm up the look and feel of the large industrial metal and glass windows.” —Lauren M. Levine,

Harvest Moon by Benjamin Moore

“I developed a drippy finish wall treatment a few years ago, and it’s become one of my favorites, as the gold looks like it’s still moving and it lends a theatrical element. When working with this finish, we decided the base color should be a fantastic orange. We gravitated to Benjamin Moore’s Harvest Moon, as it has an autumnal spicy undertone and feels sophisticated and playful. The treatment comprises layer upon layer of Harvest Moon painted with wax and pigment. Ultimately, we love how the blues pop against the backdrop of this drippy, sexy orange wall.” —Caroline Lizzaraga, decorative artist

Copper Harbor by Sherwin-Williams

“Sherwin-Williams’s Copper Harbor is an unexpected chameleon. When paired with soft neutrals or pastels, it has a vernal freshness that is joyful and uplifting. When paired with deeper tones, this color strikes a moodier autumnal note that evokes a timeless quality. It pairs exceptionally well with materials such as rich walnut, crystal, antiqued mirror, patinated brass or bronze, and, of course, copper. It’s an ideal paint color for an office or kitchen because it stimulates your brain without becoming too kinetic. I also love it in a dining room because the warmth of the color provides a beautiful backdrop for food, flowers, and candlelight.” —Lorraine Enwright,

Rookwood Amber by Sherwin-Williams

“Rookwood Amber is a captivating orange that serves as an exquisite accent color. Its natural and warming qualities make it an exceptional choice for infusing energy into various spaces. We envision this shade working wonders in spaces such as reading nooks, sunlit corners, and even kitchens, where it can enliven the surroundings and create a visually appealing focal point.” —Rachel Atkins, Dwellify

Audubon Russet by Benjamin Moore

“I love the color orange. I lean towards traditional interiors myself, so I tend to like oranges with a lot of brown in them, like Benjamin Moore’s Audubon Russet. Your choice in orange should depend on what effect you hope for it to have in your space. Do you want to be warm and cozy? Or do you want to place something at the center of attention? One envelops and one punctuates, eliciting totally different results.” —Peter Spalding, Daniel House Club

Reynard by Sherwin-Williams

“Is everyone excited that orange is back? Orange is one of my favorite color tones to work with. The resurgence of orange is definitely a muted earthy version, which really allows the color to be balanced instead of feisty. Reynard is a muted cinnamon version of orange that has an earthy, washed quality that can lean rustic but also feel fresh and modern as well. This would be a great small space color to ground the space with warm whites and wood tones.” —Crowder

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