12 Green Kitchen Paint Color Ideas for a Lively and Lush Space

Olive Green

A classic olive green color will add richness to the kitchen and can complement a range of aesthetics, whether your style leans farmhouse, English country, contemporary, or beyond. Consider pairing it with dark wood decor accents to create a sophisticated contrast.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is bright and cheerful and will add a sense of peppiness to the kitchen. This happy hue looks fantastic with gold hardware, as illustrated here. Bring in other green hues through your dinnerware for a fun touch.

Forest Green

Forest green cabinets look beautiful with a green tile backdrop in this kitchen. Don't be afraid to mix and match different shades of green within one room if you're having trouble selecting one top favorite to use. Create depth and texture by choosing some tiles that are in a similar shade.

Pine Green

Bring a touch of the natural world into your home with beautiful pine green. The shade looks excellent whether styled with boho-style, mid-century, or transitional pieces—the kitchen here is a mix of all three styles.

Dark Sage Green

Sage green is another popular shade that has been having a major moment. This is a darker variation of the hue that adds plenty of dimension to this otherwise neutral kitchen.

Light Sage Green

If you're drawn to a more muted color palette, try a light sage in the kitchen. It's a great way to weave in the color green without designing a space that's ultra bright.

Light Olive Green

Light olive green is natural looking and full of elegance at the same time. Pair it with wood tones for an earthy, rustic-inspired look. This light shade will create an airy look against shiplap or wooden accents.

Light Basil Green

Light basil is soft and sweet which is perfect for those who are drawn to pastels. It's a great choice for a beachy space as well.

Teal Green

If you can't decide between blue and green in the kitchen, consider using a teal green that will bring together the best of both worlds. This kitchen proves that the color looks excellent with wood tones and whites alike.

Dark Aquamarine

Dark aquamarine is similar in style to blue green and is another option for those who crave an ocean-inspired hue. Pair it with black for an unexpected yet sophisticated-looking mix.

Classic Green

You can't go wrong with a tried and true classic green in the kitchen. This color is upbeat, camouflages stains nicely, and is personality-filled without being polarizing.

Dark Olive Green

For a moody look in the kitchen, try a dark olive green. The color is full of soul and will add a sophisticated feel to any space. To ensure that the room doesn't read as too dark, stick with white countertops and walls.

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