12 Christmas Decor Ideas Inspired by Classic Holiday Movies

"It's a Wonderful Life": Angel Accents

Let's all say it together: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." It's a Wonderful Life is a Christmas classic, and its elegant, timeless feel can be translated into your decor this holiday season. Give your home the nostalgic, cozy Christmas feeling all season long by using angel-theme decor. Add an angel tree topper to your decorated tree, or arrange small angel figurines into a pretty Christmas centerpiece.

"A Christmas Story": Tinsel Tree

A Christmas Story's most famous decor piece is the leg lamp, but if you're going for a less obvious choice, try decking out your tree with tinsel to replicate the one from the film. Use different colors of tinsel or stick to classic silver to match the film's tree.

"Elf": Paper Snowflakes

With its quotable lines and lovable characters, Elf is a fan-favorite Christmas movie. This season, recreate the whimsical feel of the 2003 comedy with your Christmas decor. Take inspiration from Buddy the Elf himself by incorporating DIY paper snowflakes in your home. Use the snowflakes to adorn your tree or hang them from the ceiling at different heights with fishing line.

"The Holiday": Cottage Decor

If watching The Holiday makes you want to move to a cozy cottage in the British countryside, use the film as the inspiration for your holiday decor. Achieve the cottagecore look this Christmas by trading the usual reds and greens for softer blues and creams and accent with neutral wood tones. From wall decor to Christmas tree ornaments, taking a softer and more subtle approach to Christmas decor will give your home a cottage feel.

"The Santa Clause": Cozy Color Scheme

It turns out, Santa has a pretty good sense of style. Whether they were designed by Mrs. Claus or the big man himself, the North Pole buildings in The Santa Clause franchise draw on classic Christmas themes with a twist on the colors. The traditional red and green decor throughout the movie is accented with touches of navy and cream. To re-create this North Pole-inspired color scheme in your home, incorporate navy and cream through throw pillows, tree ornaments, or stockings.

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas": Pastel Accessories

If there's one thing the Grinch couldn't steal from Whoville, it was its cheery pastel color scheme and whimsical shapes. While most associate How the Grinch Stole Christmas with the color green, the setting of the film bursts with pastel tones. With pink, purple, and orange houses designed with playful arches and curves, Whoville is anything but grim. To add a Whoville-inspired touch to your home, try decorating your tree in pastels and using ornaments in abstract shapes.

"Home Alone": Classic Red and Green

With a red runner lining the stairs and Christmas wreaths hanging above the fireplace mantel, the Georgian brick house in Home Alone is the epitome of a classic Christmas home. To recreate the house's quintessential Christmas decor, deck out your staircase with garlands and stockings of red and green.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation": Holiday Lights

While we don't recommend covering the entire outside of your house and yard with Christmas lights—hello, safety hazard—string lights are an easy way to make any space feel cozy and bright. Unlike Clark Griswold, try going for a "less is more" approach when decorating your porch with lights. Wrap them around your railings or light up a small, outdoor tree to make a cozy spot to spend winter nights.

"Love Actually": Red Holiday Bows

Love Actually is sure to give you all of the warm and fuzzy feelings this Christmas season—and so are these classic decor ideas. Base your outdoor decor on the film's poster by adding red bows to your home this Christmas. Whether they're topping off your tree or embellishing your favorite Christmas garland, bows are a sweet (and easy) way to spruce up your existing Christmas decor.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer": Rustic Deer Decor

Incorporate everyone's favorite red-nosed reindeer into your Christmas decor by decorating with reindeer figurines. For a statement piece, hang a faux reindeer head above your fireplace, or place smaller figurines on your mantle for a more subtle touch.

"The Polar Express": Velvet and Gold

The magical train in The Polar Express carries children to the North Pole for a night, and while the train itself isn't the final destination, its decor and ambiance steals the spotlight. With its velvet seats and gold railings, the train's color scheme provides a cozy and elegant atmosphere. To match this feeling, decorate your home with velvet accents—think pillows, chairs, stockings—and pops of gold.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Minimalist Decor

The tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas has a nostalgic feel, but the minimal take on Christmas decorating is also trendy right now. To recreate the minimal look in your home this holiday season, stick to a neutral color palette and don't go overboard with glitz and glam. Focus on simple but meaningful decorations and ornaments.

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