12 Basement Flooring Ideas Other Than Concrete

Go For Two

Can't decide on a basement flooring type? Choose two, like Sarah Fischer did here in her home's basement. The carpet covers the majority of the living area while the marble tile adds a trendy contrast in the wet bar.

Make It Glossy

This basement flooring concept from Catherine Wilman beautifully showcases a painted concrete floor. While basements are considered to be a more rugged room because of their elements, adding the sheen from the coating makes it feel more expensive and elegant.

Focus On Opulence

For the ultimate basement design, why not go over the top? As you build your design along your walls with colors, fixtures, and decor, get your flooring in on the fun with playful oriental area rugs that tie in the same colors. Layer these on top of your flooring (more so if you're not going the carpet route) for a soft place for your feet.

Make It Weathered

There's just something about southern homes that are instantly drawn to weathered wood flooring. While real weathered hardwoods won't hold up well in this space, that doesn't mean you can't achieve the same affect with an engineered or LVP pattern that contains the same look.

Play With Patterns

Experiment with design in your basement through the inclusion of playful patterns. In this design by Louis Duncan-He, rich notes of blue pop against the rust leather sofas while the fun striped floor rug breaks up the solid colors. If you hang certain fixtures in the room, like the brass wall scones here, tie them together with throw pillows containing similar tones.

Build Character With Tile

We love the character tile creates in this basement, which makes you forget you're underground. Tile patterns do an excellent job putting emphasis on a basement's design to help the room come alive through visuals.

Think Rustic

Although, if you want to keep the rustic environment in your basement, tie in natural materials along your floors with brick (as seen in the photo above) and stone on the walls. These two materials are more weathered and durable for added texture that elevates the rustic feel.

Carpet The Living Section

For anther dynamic duo in the basement, we highly recommend being strategic with your flooring option. Are you segregating the basement with a lounge area apart from a kitchen? Including toys such as a heavy pool table in one area of the room? Lay down certain floor types for specific uses of the room. Use carpet for your couch and lounge areas before placing harder floor types such as LVP or engineered wood around the kitchen.

Choose Lighter Stains

When we think wood floors, our minds typically go to darker stains, but lighter stains like the one used here is a smart choice in the basement. The lighter wood mixed with the creamy side walls creates a brightening effect instead of the standard dark and gloomy basement.

Pop With Pink

We adore a bright basement that gets lots of natural light, and this bright and room is anchored with the pink cushions. If pink isn't your color, choose another fun color that complements your flooring choice and adds a splash to the room to contrast the brightness.

Don't Forget A Rug

There's a lot of texture in this space from the wood grain on the flooring and the vertical shiplap along the walls. To soften it, Leah added an airy rug with stripes for more visuals and comfort along the harder flooring.

Wall-to-Wall Your Carpet

This basement movie room from Stanley Martin Homes gives us all the cozy feels. If your basement has no windows, lay down carpet in a lighter shade to lift the room with brightness it's missing from natural light. For extra interest, add board and batten to your walls.

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