Changing interior decorations will help speed up the long-awaited onset of the warm season, at least in your home. An upbeat mood is easy to create with a few bright touches and fresh details. Experiments are welcome!

All the colors of the rainbow Serve your morning meal as if you are already on vacation in a hot country. A similar feeling will be created by colorful textiles and accessories depicting representatives of tropical flora and fauna.

Look up! Cherry blossom wall murals, mounted on the ceiling and on top of the wall, bring an element of surprise to a colorless interior.

Change of scenery It is enough to transform one wall in the room, for example, to paste new wallpaper or paint, to radically change the impression of the interior.

Fashion outfit Refresh the look of upholstered furniture will help covers that can be purchased ready-made, ordered at the studio, or sewn on your own. Fabrics with floral and geometric motifs are in trend.

Walking barefoot  A carpet of an unusual shape and color will not only please the eye, tired of the dullness outside the window, but will also deliver pleasant tactile sensations.

With dreams of relaxation An easy way to bring a “good atmosphere” into your home is to fill it with accessories associated with warm countries or seaside holidays. Decorate the walls with beach photos or travel objects.

In a new light Every day of spring, more and more natural light enters the home, but designers advise “correcting” the sources of artificial lighting, for example, by updating the lampshades.

Cheerful morning Wake up in a good mood! So, the bedroom also deserves a makeover. Choose new bedding made from lightweight natural fabrics with a discreet, slightly washed-out pattern.

Simple and budget Why buy new things for your home when you can change the look of the ones you already have? For example, paint shelves or interior walls of cabinets in trendy pastel shades.

Bright plot Letting the spring into the house will help with colorful covers for sofa cushions. Opt for floral prints (green leaves, tropical trees, and cacti) or colorful abstract patterns.

Sticker! With the help of decorative stickers, you can easily update the room, while doing without repair. The main thing is to fix the stickers on a flat, previously degreased wall surface.