5 flowers to plant in August so your backyard keeps on blooming


Poppies may not look like the hardiest of flowers, with their lovely delicate blooms and dainty stems, but technically they are a hardy annual and can cope with the potentially chillier weather to come in the fall.


Another hardy annual, and one of the best flowers for bees or for creating a wild garden, cornflower can be sown directly into the ground in August. They are really quick growing, so if you plant up now and the weather is mild over the fall, you could see some color coming out as late as October. However, if you don't see too much over the first few months, don't worry they will still come up in early spring.


Like a lot of late summer, early fall flowers, Calendula (also known as Pot Marigold) give a fantastic flash of orange to your backyard. If you live in warmer climes you'll likely find they flower well into the winter.


Often thought of as very early spring plants, you can grow certain types of crocus in the Fall. Autumn crocus thrives in low temperatures and moist soil, so get them planted up this month for some color in the backyard over winter.


So you aren't going to get daffodils blooming in August and September, but if you want them for early spring, now is the time to get planting your bulbs.

'You can start planting spring bulbs such as daffodils and narcissi now and have until the end October to get them in,' explains Annelise. 'If you are planting large drifts in lawns don’t be too perfectionist about your planting method. Professional gardeners lift the turf to a depth of 2 to 3 times the bulb and just chuck several bulbs in the hole! Don’t worry about them toppling over – the bulbs will happily right themselves.'

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