11 Rooms Painted In Behr’s Cracked Pepper Their 2024 Color of the Year

1. Luxurious Intimate Dining Space

This décor inspiration is the epitome of a modern dining space. Using Behr’s Cracked Pepper for the paint wall color provides a solid backdrop that feels intimate and luxurious. The wooden table, modern armchair, and neutral rug are all well thought-out.

2. Stylish and Modern Workspace

A functional space can be stylish, too. This modern workspace using Behr’s Cracked Pepper is the best example. The dark walls and built-in shelves flow seamlessly. The golden drawer handles, wooden chair, and modern artwork make for a truly inspired space.

3. Contemporary Bedroom Décor

This bedroom décor inspiration perfectly encapsulates the contemporary style. The dark painted walls using Behr’s Cracked Pepper makes this space a relaxing refuge that you’d look forward to spending your time in at the end of the day.

4. Cozy Living Room

Elevate your living room to make it cozy and comfortable. There is no better place for entertaining your family and friends than this homey space. The dark walls give that intimate feel while the natural decorative elements from the wooden console table and the bamboo blinds provide the right balance. The light beige couch also helps to brighten the room.

5. Modern and Dreamy Bedroom

The grayish-black paint color on this wall sets a moody tone for this bedroom. This application showcases the range of design aesthetics that complement this paint color choice. The minimalist artwork and tiny bedside table let the dramatic wall stand out. The pillow and blanket provide a textural element to the room décor.

6. Eye-Catching Wall

While painting your wall black seems like a daunting task, this décor showcases how this color alters the vibe of your interior space. One of the best styling tricks for Behr’s Cracked Pepper is to pair it with wooden elements, such as this console table. The layering of the framed artwork, lamp, and potted plant gives character to a solid wall.

7. Luxe Kitchen Styling

If you want to incorporate Behr’s Cracked Pepper into your kitchen décor but not quite ready to commit to a dark wall or cabinetry, try incorporating this paint color in a subtle way.

Use this color on the kitchen island to complement the neutral hued countertop and cabinetry. The exposed wooden beam and the dual pendant lighting inspire luxurious sophistication.

8. Cracked Pepper Accent Wall

Another example of using the soft black color in a subtle way is to create an accent wall in the living room. This example features this color palette as an accent wall to elevate a traditional white wall. The dark hued wall balances the delicateness of the sheer curtains and soft beige couch. Adding greenery adds more life into the room.

9. Sleek Bathroom Décor

White tiles are a traditional choice for bathrooms, but you can go for a sleek and contemporary look with this color palette. The black painted walls allow the other details to stand out visually, especially against the white window frames and gold-framed round mirror. The contemporary vanity and drawers make this a dream bathroom décor come true.

10. Warm and Inviting Décor

The best way to make your soft black painted wall stand out is to decorate it with wood, pops of gold, and some greenery. This example incorporates all these styling elements in the best way possible. The addition of framed artwork adds depth and dimension to the walls.

11. Black-Painted Door

Doors are a central feature in the home. Wow your family and friends when they enter your home with this bold and stylish wall painted with Behr’s Cracked Pepper. The soft black and paint on the door creates a moody tone to the room. And yet, it is versatile enough that can be easily coordinated with various stylish elements fit for your interior décor theme.

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