Despite the dank season, your collection of flowers can be replenished: some plants can easily tolerate the cold and the lack of good lighting. And many of them not only look great but in addition have additional useful properties.


1. Red oxalis This small, colorful plant with pale pink flowers is known for its tolerance to moderate to even low light and not too high temperatures, so it is ideal for, say, a bedroom, even one where the curtains are often left drawn. And it blooms just closer to winter.

2. Zamioculcas This plant with a difficult-to-pronounce name is suitable for those who have the remotest idea of how to care for home plantings. A perennial herbaceous plant does not need frequent watering (just like a cactus), and the only condition for Zamioculcas to feel good is the absence of direct sunlight.

3. Succulents Another great winter plant option is succulents. However, keep in mind that they will not grow as fast as in the summer. Three to four hours of sunlight per day will be sufficient for the succulent but avoid strong drafts.

4. African violets The beauty is that African violets bloom even in winter, adding bright colors to any interior. Moderate temperatures and indirect light (so it is best not to put them on the window) – that’s all African violets need to delight you with bright colors.

5. Sansevieria tristripe Sansevieria tristripe, which is also called the snake flower, is quite popular as a houseplant – primarily because of its unpretentiousness. She needs quite a bit of light for a full life.

6. Spathiphyllum This perennial evergreen plant is very hardy and endures cold weather. One of the main advantages of spathiphyllum is that it improves air quality by purifying it.

7. Herbs By herbs, we mean a wide range of different plants, from dill to cilantro. They look just as good as other green plantings, they need no more than six hours of light a day, and as a bonus, they make a great seasoning for stews or soups.

8. Lemon cypress This ornamental cypress adapts perfectly to room life. The best location for him is closer to the window, as he loves low temperatures and needs three to five hours of sunlight a day. But beware of radiators: hot, dry air can kill this small tree. And closer to the New Year, you can even decorate it as a small Christmas tree!

9. Bromeliad Bright, stately bromeliad will bring exotic notes to your interior. But, despite the distinct associations with the tropics, this plant does surprisingly well in conditions of dry air, minimal watering, and low light, which certainly makes it ideal for winter.

10. Cyclamen These delicate and fragile-looking flowers cannot stand high temperatures, so the windowsill is one of the most suitable places for them, and even on the balcony (glazed, of course). But you should be wary of direct sunlight and remember to water regularly. Under the right conditions, cyclamen can bloom for up to six months.

11. Kalanchoe Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent plant, the care of which at home is quite simple. Place it on the windowsill of a south-facing window and keep the soil moist (you need to water twice as often as in the summer), and Kalanchoe will delight you with its small but bright flowers.