11 Bedroom Design Trends That Will Be Big in 2023

Even though bedrooms are considered the sanctuary of our homes, they often fall low on the list of rooms to refresh. Instead, shared spaces like living rooms and kitchens steal focus when it comes to seasonal updates—but we’re here to tell you that you deserve a beautiful, updated bedroom for 2023. With this in mind, we turned to some of our favorite designers and interior experts to tell us what bedroom design trends they predict for the coming year.

Warm, Earthy Tones and Colors

– Betsy Smith, a color consultant for Graphenstone, says that in 2023, bedrooms are warming up. "We’ll see a lot of earthy shades with a warm comforting quality, like warm clay and coral, as well as layering in darker shades of amber and plum," Smith shares with us. "This adds depth, and the touch of coral adds a modern edge.” –

An Emphasis on Lighting Design

In addition to the colors on the walls, Smith says that in 2023, lighting will also be used to emphasize warmth. “Make sure you think about lighting, as it’s so important in a bedroom," Smith says. "Warm filament bulbs bring out the red undertones after dark and envelop the bedroom with a warm glow."

Playful Lampshades and Light Coverings

– Charlie Dumais, a ceramicist at design studio Dumais Made, says that 2023 will bring a lot more expression in smaller accent pieces in our bedrooms, such as lampshades. "With our bedroom lamps, we predict seeing a lot more saturated colors, more glossy than matte finishes, and more elaborate shades,” Dumas tells us. –

Small Upgrades That Are Super Luxe

Kirk also predicts that in the coming year, people will upgrade the small details of their bedrooms with the goal of creating a more luxurious space.

Interesting Uses of Paint and Color

Smith tells us that in 2023, we’ll see decorators using paint in interesting ways to define areas, like paint as a headboard that can be changed with the season. "People are looking for innate calmness and tranquility, particularly in a bedroom,” she says. “Paint does this in a natural way.’

Thoughtful, Inspired Purchases

“During the past few years, people were so focused on cozying up their bedrooms that much of what was bought was spur-of-the-moment and not necessarily quality-made,” Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design tells us. “I believe that 2023 will be an opportunity to take a more customized and curated approach to the overall look and feel of the bedroom."

Bedding and Linens in Pretty Patterns

Crisp, white hotel bedding has been the popular choice over the past few years, but the team at Cozy Earth says that’s changing.

"When it comes to design trends in the bedroom, one thing that we have seen is floral and striped bedding,” they tell us. “We’re excited to mix our timeless neutral designs with florals and stripes. We like to stick to a neutral palette that allows our customers to change out smaller items like throws and pillows to stay on trend."

Scalloped and Curved Edges

While curves and scalloped edging have been making their way into more and more homes, Casey says she thinks we’ll see this even more in the coming year—but with a twist.

– “Furniture will continue to focus on curves and scallop details, but in larger scales than what we’ve been seeing in 2022,” Casey says. “I think we’ll see way more of that moving forward." –

Wallpaper Accents

A few designers note that 2023 will also bring on more wallpaper, but possibly in smaller doses or interesting ways.

Embellished Window Treatments

Davina Ogilvie, the founder of custom window treatment company Wovn Home, says that when it comes to bedroom window treatments in 2023, we’re going to see a rise in fun finishings and edges—especially as a way to show personality in an already personal space.

Peace and Harmony in the Space

Sam Struck of StruckSured Interiors says that he believes the current trend toward calming spaces will continue into bedrooms in the coming year. “Modern organic colors and textures are still very much ‘in’ and bring such peace and harmony to a space," he says. "Low-profile and light furniture continue to be popular and on-trend.”

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