10 wow ideas for the hallway that will make it chic

Entrance door in the color of the walls Doors that merge with the color of the walls are always a stylish solution that attracts the eye. Want a wow effect in your hallway? Install the door in the tone of the walls or repaint the existing one – this is also possible.

Bright color in the finish We are accustomed to the fact that unexpected color solutions are the fate of living rooms. Bright colors began to reach kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But in the hallway, too, you should not avoid atypical shades for it.

Decorative elements and thoughtful accessories It’s a similar story with decorative elements. It is believed that the hallway is a utilitarian room and does not require additional “decorations”. However, this is not at all the case: a harmoniously selected decor is able to instantly revive the room, bringing it closer to the status of “residential”.

Paintings on the walls You can decorate the walls of the entrance area not only with hooks with outerwear but also with art – to a greater or lesser extent. I want a slight unobtrusive effect – make a composition of abstract posters. Just avoid clichéd, all-too-popular plots. If you need a more thorough solution – pick up a picture of a contemporary artist.

Pieces of furniture inherent in other living rooms Try to refract this line by adding something atypical, and more interesting. Pieces of furniture that could well be in the living room will take pride of place in the entrance area too – and thereby immediately increase the grandeur, and aesthetics of the room.

Bright tiles on the floor instead of a faceless coating Large-format porcelain stoneware of unmarked color is, of course, a practical finishing material for a room with such permeability as that of a hallway. But what can this faceless coating give to the visual component of the interior?

Glossy surfaces Reflective surfaces are always associated with gloss and style. Why not use this trick when entering the apartment? As the exact opposite of possible pollution and practical, unmarked solutions, gloss will instantly take the hallway to a new level.

Combining the hallway with the living part – layout and decoration Nothing more comforts the hallway than the maximum proximity to the residential part of the apartment. If you are at the initial stage of repair, then perhaps you will like the idea of redesigning so that the entrance area does not end up in a separate dark corner.

Flush-mounted doors Often hallways are small “boxes” with many doors to dressing rooms, pantries, and bathrooms. To get rid of such a “multi-door” effect that presses and does not decorate the hall, install flush-mounted doors. They are not budgetary, but they do not attract any attention to themselves.

Non-standard wall decoration: slats, moldings, bright wallpaper Returning to the walls, we note that their bright palette is not the only way to ennoble the hallway. For example, wallpaper with a variegated print is an unusual solution for such a room that will please the eye.

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