10 Underrated IKEA Pieces Your Favorite Designers Always Buy

Ritva Curtains

Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design, swears by IKEA's Ritva curtains, which she refers to as "the most amazing custom dupe out there." Fusco appreciates the $39 price tag as well as the curtains' construction, noting that the curtains are light-filtering but not too sheer. Best of all, the curtains will shine in a number of homes given that the style is offered in a wide range of heights, going up to 118 inches tall.

Pokal Glass

If your everyday glassware has seen better days, remember to check out IKEA's selection of drinking vessels. Jaime Zehner, the founder of JZ Interiors, says that IKEA's Pokal glasses are her favorite for casual use, and with their cheap price, they couldn't be more of a bargain.

Nojaktig Decoration Dish

If you're in need of additional tabletop accessories to create the perfect tablescape, take a look at this round tray, which will make a statement in the dining room. "IKEA has an amazing collection of rattan textures, and when mixed with items you already have, they can feel so elevated," Zehner says. She suggests pairing it with a colorful, patterned tablecloth.

Fjadrar Inner Cushion, White

Many people think of IKEA as a resource for larger home furnishings, but it's important to remember that there are plenty of smaller home essentials available both in-store and online, too, including feather-down pillow inserts. Taylor Bowling, the founder of Home Taylored in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, always encourages friends and clients to swap out standard pillow inserts for these instead. "They give it that perfect karate chop," she says. "I wish everyone would do this."

Pomp Vase and Candle Holder

Bowling also appreciates multipurpose IKEA pieces, such as this candle holder which can also be used as a vase for flowers. "I don't think you can ever have too many vases," she says. "It's important to have all different shapes and sizes in your home."

Gradvis Plant Pot

IKEA also has plenty of great planter options that will run you just a couple of dollars and still look stylish. "Fluted planters and pots are a great way to add dimension and texture to a tabletop, and I love how moody this smoked glass is," says Dalia Soles, the founder + CEO of Design Assisted. Consider these an excuse to purchase a few new green friends.

Mala Easel

Don't forget that IKEA offers excellent pieces that will keep little ones occupied in style. Margie Kaercher, the lead designer at Hearth and Honey Homes, specializes in vacation rentals and often relies upon these wooden easels. "I’m always on the hunt for aesthetically pleasing yet functional pieces that fill the space without cluttering it," the designer explains. She will often place these easels—which feature both a chalkboard side and a dry-erase side—in kids’ rooms or play areas. "Not only are they the perfect, practical accessory to fill a corner, but the kids love them," Kaercher adds.

Risbyn Pendant

Keep in mind that when shopping for decorative lighting, it's more than okay to think a bit outside the box. "Rice paper lights are trending hard right now and this one from IKEA is great because with the scallop detailing and onion-shape," Kaercher says. "It’s a bit more unique in character than the standard round shade that we’re seeing a lot of." The designer envisions using this piece in a foyer, dining room, or office, in particular. She recommends hanging a few in a cluster at varying heights to create a stylish statement.

Froset Chair

For a new take on the standard accent chair, why not integrate a more sculptural, mod-looking piece into your space? Susie Novak, the founder of Susie Novak Interiors, likes IKEA's Froset Chair for both aesthetic and functional reasons. "This chair is so fun and has a cute personality about it, and I love the sculptural shape and how it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space," she explains.

Lovbacken Side Table

If you're in the market for a coffee table that isn't majorly weighty and is suitable for all types of spaces, consider the Lovbacken Side Table. "I love this table because it looks great but also looks like it could hold up to a toddler," Novak says. "It’s style forward and functional."

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