10 TOP Bedroom Interior Design Trends 2024  

Ethnic motifs, a separate dressing room, an emphasis on the headboard – we have collected the most current bedroom trends 2024 that will make your bedroom trendy. The bedroom is the most private room in the house. There is no need to impress anyone here, but it is important to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in which you want to fall asleep and wake up. In this article, we tell you what trends in the design of the private area are waiting for us in the new year and share ideas for designing a functional and fashionable bedroom.

Popular bedroom interior styles 2024

1. Minimalism

In recent years, the perception of minimalism has changed: from a cold, uncomfortable style “not for everyone”, it has become the norm. Gone are the associations with large empty spaces and one designer chair per several square meters.

2. Ethnomotives

One of the main bedroom trends of 2024 is ethnic notes in the interior. There should not be many of them so that the room does not turn into a hall of an ethnographic museum. It is enough to add a few details depending on the main style.

3. Scandinavian

Scandinavian style, like minimalism, smoothly turns into the category of classics, and therefore will not disappear from the interiors in the near future. It is good in the first place because it is easy to repeat and implement even as part of an economy repair. It does not require large spaces and expensive materials. The main idea is the practicality and comfort of everyday life. Even a small room should be bright, cozy and not cluttered.

Bedroom colors 2024 1. Monochrome

Monochrome colors do not lose ground: this option is easy to implement and suitable for all current styles. Monopalette can be of two types. – A combination of three achromats – black, white, gray. – Using many shades of one or two adjacent colors – for example, brown and beige.

2. White as a base

There have always been and will continue to be heated discussions around white interiors – total white can really seem like a controversial decision. But it is not necessary to make the room completely snow-white.

3. Natural tones

Rapprochement with nature in all aspects can already be called a sustainable trend. In urban apartments, there is a lack of greenery, fresh air and landscapes that set you up for relaxation, so there are so many natural variations among fashionable colors.

Bedroom Design Trends 2024 1. Accent headboard

If you look at fashionable photos of bedroom interiors in an apartment, the headboard immediately attracts attention almost everywhere. And this is quite logical: in the rest room, the bed occupies a central place, and eyes should be riveted to it – and an unusual beautiful headboard will best cope with this task.

2. Asymmetry

The desire for perfect symmetry came to us from classical interiors, where this principle is the basis, without which it is impossible to build a room composition. Today there is a departure from strict canons, the space of the room is perceived not as a plane for verified drawings, but as a field for experiments and a flight of fancy.

3. Wardrobe instead of wardrobe

One of the main trends of this and next year is separate dressing rooms. Finally, it became clear that this is not a privilege of elite housing – you can allocate a few square meters even in a small bedroom of a typical apartment. In terms of area, such a mini-wardrobe takes up not much more space than a built-in wardrobe.

4. Workplace

And finally, one more general trend – the pandemic has completely changed the format of work, so now no one can do without a home office. If the apartment is small, it is unlikely that it will be possible to allocate a separate room for him – but you can organize a compact workplace right in the bedroom.

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