10 Stylish New Planters from the BHG Collection at Walmart—Starting at $9

4-Piece Ceramic Herb Planter

This set—including three round pots and an oval tray—is perfect for growing fresh herbs for cooking, small flowers, or a cute succulent garden. It’s weather-resistant, so you can put it indoors or out, but it’s the ideal size for windowsills, desks, and countertops.

Terracotta Recycled Resin Planter

This terracotta resin planter is beautiful, durable, lightweight, and sturdy. Since the planter pot is painted with a UV-resistant coating, it won’t crack or fade over time. Plus, it has knock-out drainage holes for low-maintenance watering.

Chinooke Bubble Ceramic Planter

This planter has a bit of modern flair that makes it an undeniably stylish addition to your home or patio. It’s durable, contemporary, and ideal for houseplants. Plus, it has a drainage plug for easy watering.

Emery Planter

This green reactive glaze bowl planter is so gorgeous you might not even want to put a plant in it. There aren’t any drainage holes, so you might want to add some rocks to the bottom when planting. As one reviewer shared, "This is such a high quality planter. The shape and greenish color of the bowl are extremely attractive, and it is made of a heavy material—it has a fair amount of weight to it. Looks and feels like high quality."

Charlotte Planter

This hand-crafted reactive glaze ceramic planter is a beautiful way to display succulents and houseplants. It's the perfect size for 3-4 medium-sized succulents. Add gravel to the top for a simple-yet-stylish display.

Emmett Basket Planter

This seagrass basket planter is perfect for a living room or sunroom and ideal for a taller plant, like a fiddle-leaf fig tree. It adds a lovely bohemian touch to any room, whether the plant inside is real or artificial.

Athena Bulrush Basket Planter

This woven planter is the perfect way to add a bit of softness and depth to your living room, dining room, family room, sunroom, and more. Because the Bulrush fibers are so natural, this planter will blend in with any decor.

Curved Propagation Station

If you’re venturing into the world of propagation, this propagation station is a great place to start. Because it’s so small, it’s perfect for a desk, coffee station, or any other table that won’t take up too much space.

Celeste Plant Stand

This planter is made from plastic and iron and includes a plastic planting liner, making it incredibly durable. Plus, the added metal stand gives this woven planter a bit of unexpected height—perfect for showing off your favorite plant. Reviewers call it "beautiful" and "sturdy."

Black Ceramic Brett Planter

Great for indoor and outdoor use, this textured ceramic planter is a beautiful way to show off your favorite plants. You can even use it for candles, pens, or anything else you’d like to display. Plus, there’s a drainage hole with a silicone plug.

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