'They make you produce endorphins' - 10 plants that magically make your backyard more relaxing


Known for their herbal and aromatherapeutic benefits, chamomile plants are covered in prolific daisies that flower from spring into summer. They tend to self-seed, so sow some this year and the flowers will reappear next year. There are several different types of chamomile but all have a relaxing apple-like fragrance.


Chrysanthemums bring a sense of joy and calm to our flower beds, and have long been known for helping us to relax too. Planting these beautiful flowers in your backyard can help to lessen symptoms of worry and stress. Just standing in among them (they grow to around 3 feet) to appreciate their blooms is an instant mood enhancer.


Green is the most soothing color - inside and out -  so it should be top of the list when you're looking for plants that make your backyard feel more relaxing. 'It's a perfect foil for any of the other colors in your yard, a calming presence that provides a wonderful backdrop,' says plant expert Jenny Rose Carey


Purple is known for its calming aura, as well as being a popular choice for visiting pollinators - many purple plants are the best flowers for bees. Include some in your planting scheme so you can enjoy the benefits of relaxing in your backyard while watching bees and butterflies hover over your blooms too.


Is there a more feel-good flower than the rose? The relaxing effects of fresh flowers and particularly roses are well-known. This is because they produce wonderful mood-boosting endorphins.


Known for its ability to relieve symptoms of mental stress and to aid rest and relaxation, super calming lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a member of the mint family. It was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety. Today, lemon balm is often used in a herb garden, combined in a planting scheme with other calming, soothing herbs, such as valerian, chamomile, and hops to promote relaxation.


It is widely considered that jasmine can lift your mood, bringing on feelings of calmness and relaxation. The floral energy created by the rich, sweet scent is said to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


Aromatic herbs appeal to many of our senses, and can have a real impact on our emotional wellbeing too. So setting up a herb garden with plants that make your backyard feel more relaxing is always a good idea.

Rosemary has a lovely woody fragrance. The scented foliage and flowers release aromatic oils into the air on a sunny day for a delightful treat when you sit nearby. Rosemary is a calming herb, with research showing that it decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Catching a waft of scent on a summer breeze evokes a feelgood mood guaranteed to relax you. It’s easy to enhance the enjoyment of sitting in the garden by planting a range of aromatic plants featuring different types of scent. Choose plants with fragrance that drenches the air such as mock orange (Philadelphus), roses, jasmine, sweet peas and honeysuckle.


Lavender rightly deserves to be at the top of the list of easy plants that make your backyard feel more relaxing. Well-known for its fragrant flowers and aromatic foliage, the scent of this hero plant is proven to be effective at reducing stress and providing a calm atmosphere to aid relaxation.

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