10 paint color ideas for kitchen cabinets: expert advice for choosing the best shades

1. Zesty greens

Uplifting greens, like Little Greene’s Citrine, used here, are great for achieving an instantly calming, welcoming kitchen that feels both warm yet fresh," says Adrian Bergman, design manager, British Standard by Plain English.

2. Refined shades of blue

"Of all the blues, rich deep blue remains the most popular shade for kitchen cabinets," reports Richard Davonport, managing director of Davonport. "Introducing crisp white, via worktops, tiles, and accessories, adds a further layer of classical decor style, creating a crisp and clean finish and an exciting contrast of color between the cabinets and surrounding surfaces."

3. Two-tone color

Why choose one color, when you can pick two? The latest way to embrace a two-tone color palette on kitchen cabinets is with an even horizontal split. All units below eye level are one color and all above eye level is another. The results feel punchier and more purposeful than a mix-and-match two-tone approach, and we can’t get enough of it.

4. Multiple choice color blocking

Color blocking, which involves mixing up sections of two or more solid colors, is a dynamic way to enliven kitchen cabinets. This bespoke kitchen belonging to Peter Thwaites and Rebecca Aird, owners of fabric and wallpaper brand Rapture & Wright, was inspired by the expressionist art of Mondrian.

5. Bold saturated hues

Playing it safe with color in the kitchen is understandable, given the investment at stake. But the rewards of being just a little braver can be huge. Happily, homeowners are becoming more adventurous with color, and interior design in general, thanks to online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest that show just what a difference a little risk-taking can make.

6. New ways with white

White may seem like a disingenuous choice for kitchen cabinetry but it’s a serious player that’s always in the trend spotlight for its flexibility. In short, the best white paint colors suit every style of kitchen cabinetry, from ultra-modern to country classic, and are super easy to refresh to suit seasonal trends.

7. Warming tones

“Goodbye gray, hello pink, peach, and scarlet tones – warm color palettes are everywhere right now,” enthuses Dave Young, founder of Husk kitchens.

8. Striking black

Dark, dramatic, and utterly unforgettable, black can prove a surprisingly flexible color for kitchen cabinets, which perhaps explains its enduring appeal. This year, black is taking a more sophisticated turn, which is less about overpowering and more about subtlety. We’re talking elegant black and white monochrome schemes, and delicate off-blacks paired with warm neutrals.

9. Engaging color combinations

Modern kitchen schemes are no longer considered in isolation ­– now, paint palettes reflect the wider interior aesthetic of a home. “Open-plan kitchen and dining spaces are often a hive of activity and it’s wonderful to reflect this energetic and inviting atmosphere with engaging color choices,” says Andy Greenall, creative director, Paint & Paper Library. “Rather than opt for the habitual white on kitchen cabinets, consider the open-plan space as a whole by working with colors that complement furnishings.”

10. Punchy color cues

Settling upon the perfect paint color for a kitchen can be fraught with pressure. The fear of going off a particular color before it’s time for a redo can quickly lead to indecisiveness and, ultimately, installation delays. For reassurance, experts recommend taking color inspiration from items you already have in your home, and even your wardrobe.

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