10 Must-Have Features For Your Mansion

1. Oversized Kitchen By Boffi

An oversized kitchen is more of a necessity than an option in a mansion, but a Boffi Kitchen is a luxury that only the most up-to-date, upscale abodes have. The clean lines and modern materials fit perfectly into a modern home, or create a striking contrast in a classically designed home. Aprile, K14 and Zone are a few of our favorite designs.

2. Infrared Sauna

Why travel all the way to the spa when you have an infrared sauna downstairs? Saunas have countless health benefits, and this new infrared technology gives them even more so. The infrared heaters don’t heat the air inside the sauna; they heat the body, which makes tolerating the heat significantly easier. Infrared saunas have been known to relieve arthritis, get rid of 14% more toxins and encourage more weight loss than in a regular sauna.

3. Salt Water Infinity Pool

Architecturally, infinity pools are the only way to do a luxury pool these days. They are modern, chic, and perfect for a quick dip on a hot summer day (which, lets face it, is every day in Miami). Saltwater chlorine systems make sure that the water is soft, and never over-chlorinated to protect your precious skin.

4. Walk-In Wine Cellar and Humidor

We have all seen a walk-in wine cellar, which remains an absolute must-have in every mansion, but a far less common household feature is a walk-in humidor. For the mansion owners that love hosting dinners and parties, a walk in humidor is the perfect addition to take care of what keeps both you and your guests happy. After all, do you really want to stuff your Cubans and Gurkha Black Dragons in a little box?

5. Landscaping By A Professional Landscape Designer

It’s no doubt that you have the perfect mansion, but do you have the perfect yard to match? Martha Schwartz, Michael Van Valkenburgh and Pamela Burton are some of the biggest names in the industry. Having one of them design your landscaping would be like having a Monet in your private collection- everyone wishes they could, but only the elite of the elite actually can.

6. Five-car Garage

Don’t leave your Lamborghini Aventador out to roast under the sun; your luxury cars deserve a bed as comfortable as yours. A five-car garage is the perfect place to store and admire your well-deserved beauties. Don’t forget car lifts for the antique Ferarri that you only whip out on special occasions.

7. Gas Pump

Take convenience to a whole new level by adding your own gas pump to the countless amenities already in your garage. Driving to the gas station is an endeavor that no mansion owner should carry out.

8. His & Hers Bathrooms

This cliché design may not be a rare commodity, but our take on it is one you don’t see too frequently: totally separate bathrooms. You are probably happy to share this private space with your loved one, but why not have your own? Let your private bath be your sanctuary, and have your morning routine go uninterrupted. Plus, you can always share if you miss one another.

9. Secret Safe Room

Your mansion may house millions of dollars worth of valuables, but the only true priceless item is you. Sometimes referred to as a “panic room”, a secret safe room is essential for weather-related catastrophes, home invasions and practically any other emergency situation.

10. Solar Panels

“Going green” is a luxury, and the more of your own power you can generate, the less flack you will get for your mansion’s carbon footprint. With solar panels and the new Tesla sitting in your garage, your footprint will be smaller than the one you’d make in your Louboutins. Al Gore will certainly approve when he comes over for dinner.

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