10 interior design trends that will shape our spaces in 2024

1. The Influence Of The Natural World

It's fair to say, that one of the biggest inspirations for many when it comes to interior design is the beauty of the natural world. From color palettes rooted in nature to the warmth of wood and the durability of natural stone, establishing an indoor-outdoor feel in the home can be both calming and relaxed and uplifting and energizing simultaneously.

2. Layered Lighting

Homeowners are paying far more attention to the way spaces in the home make us feel, as well as their function. Our homes are having to work harder for us than ever before, with an increase in spaces having multiple functions. From open-plan living areas to kitchen-dining zones, the trend for installing multifunctional lighting that can be adapted to suit the room as it’s being used is set to continue to rise.

3. Plenty Of Textural Elements

Using texture in interior design will be at the forefront of our decorating decisions in 2024.

More and more of us want to create a home filled with cossetting and cocooning exuberance, and quite simply, without texture, a space will fall flat, it is the perfect way to add depth, dimension, and decadence to a room.

4. Seek Out Sustainable Options

Mor Krisher, head of design at Caesarstone says, 'as designers we need to be the ambassadors of sustainability and the design community should be on the front line of this issue. If we don’t design with sustainability in mind, then consumers won’t have the ability to purchase sustainable products.'

5. Curves And Arches

‘Edges delimit and mark out a space – avoiding them enlarges the inhabitants’ freedom,’ says designer Patricia Urquiola.

6. Warming Neutrals

The extensive use of gray and beige are amongst some of the worst trends of 2023 and one of the interior design trends we are quiet-quitting for 2024.

Instead, paint trends and color trends are moving towards more warming and earthy colors in the home, with palettes of pale pinks, soft yellows, and cozy browns working wonderfully as refreshing, new neutrals.

7. Statement Stoneware

'We love good veining and deep contrast in stone, and we’re excited to see more of this trend in 2024. We’ll see this in a variety of ways, from the stone itself – less common ones like soapstone and travertine, as well as contrasting pairings of stone in one space – to the way it’s utilized. It’s all about maximalism, a design trend in and of itself.'

8. A Union Of The Old With The New

Alfred Newall says, 'design trends are ever-changing, but the way we make furniture is centuries old. My hope is that we marry the modern with the traditional.’

9. Color Confidence

With Pantone revealing their color of the year 2023 as Viva Magenta, and other brands, such as Benjamin Moore, listing their color of the year as Raspberry Blush, this celebration of bold and impactful shades of red embodies how 2024 is the year for color confidence and for embracing more unconventional and striking room color ideas.

10. Handmade, Artisan Designs

With thoughtful, sustainable design a key focus for 2024, as well as a nod to more nostalgic designs, these 'trends' will not only lead to us shopping more responsibly, but it will also see a rise in 'shopping small', and celebrating handmade, artisan designs and craftsmanship from all over the world.

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