10 Interior Design Styles For Your Bedroom

Eclectic Style Bedroom

Eclectic style means, ‘anything goes’ but planned meticulously with proper use of colour, texture, patterns to tie the whole look together. When you mix and match furniture combined images sure each one compliments each other and not clash.

Cottage Style Bedroom

When you think of cottage style bedrooms, you think of cosy, wooden flooring, thick blankets, isn’t it? And that is exactly what cottage style bedrooms are all about.

Mediterranean Style Bedroom

Capture the beauty of idyllic seaside retreats, white sand, and plenty of sunshine with a Mediterranean bedroom style. Inspired by a region of rich cultural heritage, modern Mediterranean style is a fusion of sophistication and elegance.

Contemporary Style Bedroom

A contemporary bedroom may sound boring, but with the right textures and elements, it can be incredibly inviting. Warm colours and wood furnishing teamed with soft textures with a modern design can make your bedroom from ‘eh’ to ‘wow’ in no time.

Coastal Style Bedroom

Even if you live far away from the beach, the lure of golden sand and the sound of waves is undeniable. It’s a beautiful display of nature, and many home-owners are designing their bedrooms in the form of beach-inspired-decor.

Traditional Style Bedroom

In layman terms, Traditional style refers to an era anchored in the past, but that does not mean it has to be boring, dull, and outdated. Traditional styles embrace classic design, the symmetrical placing of furniture and motifs, vibrant colour palettes, and a comfortable vibe. Spice up your bedroom with radiant colours, original artwork, funky wallpaper.

Rustic Style Bedroom

The rustic style bedroom is gaining popularity because it rebels against the minimalistic scheme that has been dominating the market for long. Rustic decor means warm tones, upcycled furniture, massive rugs were thrown across the floor and beat up storage trunks.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Scandinavian style bedroom designs are characterised by the minimal decor, clean and simple lines – so functional and beautiful. These designs draw inspiration from the Nordic region where winters are no joke.

Indian Style Bedroom

Indian style bedrooms are all about rich textiles, antique furniture, handicrafts, colourful ethnic prints and furniture from different states. Other classic Indian elements that can sit pretty in a modern home include jali (traditional Indian latticework), Mughal miniature paintings, handwoven fabrics, ethnic motifs, and artwork.

Industrial Style Bedroom

Bring the magic of industrial precision and style home with industrial elements like dark metal, exposed bricks and beams and unfinished walls. Industrial chic bedrooms give you all the minimalism you need in your home along with the chic style you admire!

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