10 Hygge decorations for cozy evening

A detailed checklist with the secrets of creating coziness according to the Danish recipe. Hygge is a style that creates a special cozy atmosphere, improves mood, and helps to relax and feel harmony. The word itself came from the Norwegian language, in rough translation, it means “the art of creating comfort”. And this style captivates with the fact that it does not require huge investments. Danes practice reasonable consumption and love natural materials, dim light, flickering candles, and decor with a touch of retro.

Floor lamp, sconces, table lamp The Danes attach great importance to the lighting of the room. To make the room as cozy as possible, they use dim light, distributing it in different areas and creating cozy islands of light. Central, ceiling lamps are used extremely rarely. It is best to choose unusual in shape sconces and floor lamps or replace them with simple table lamps. And in the atmosphere of hygge will perfectly fit black or white matte models.

Candles Another important element of hygge-style lighting is candles. Without them, the Danes cannot imagine their day. As a rule, they are placed in all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom, and are considered a living source of heat and light in the house.

Blankets and pillows According to the philosophy of hygge, the best end to the evening is to sit on soft pillows, cover yourself with a warm blanket, grab a cup of tea or coffee and read a book. Therefore, to create comfort, it is necessary to use textiles. This style is characterized by soft, natural materials – wool, fur, linen, leather, and suede.

Cups and other utensils Without what you can not spend an evening in the style of hygge? That’s right, no delicious food and a cup of hot tea. Danes prefer sets of ceramic, clay, wooden or porcelain dishes. However, this does not mean that everything should be the same. Let you have a wooden tray, porcelain cups, and clay saucepans.

Plants The hygge style is a whole philosophy of life, which includes an obligatory connection with nature. Therefore, not only natural materials and fabrics are often used in the interior, but also living elements. In the room there may be house plants, dried branches, pampas grass, cones, stones and so on.

Couch or soft chair In Danish interior design, there is such a thing as “hyggekrog”, which means a cozy corner. This is the place where there is a couch or chair, and on top, there are many pillows, blankets, and skins. There, the owners of the house can spend time with friends, read a book or just relax after a hard day.

Books The perfect end to an evening in the style of hygge can not do without a stack of favorite books. They are located on a table, wooden shelves or a fireplace. Externally, books should be conducive to themselves: a stylish cover, a beautiful binding, the smell of recently printed pages.

Woodwork Wood is an eco-friendly, beautiful, and affordable material. Therefore, it is considered an unequivocal favorite when creating a hygge style. The Danes prefer to use it not only in the decoration of the room and furniture but also in the choice of decorations. Wooden trays, deep bowls, stands for dishes and so on – will be a practical addition to the interior.

Carpet or hide The skin of a wild beast is another item characteristic of the hygge style. It embodies a direct connection with nature, adds warmth and coziness to the house, and of course, serves as an excellent accent for the interior. As a rule, Scandinavians use not one, but several skins of different sizes and shades.

Basketry Scandinavians appreciate the practicality and environmental friendliness of things in the house. Therefore, to see wicker objects in the interior of the hygge style is not at all uncommon. They are used as furniture, stands, storage space and décor.

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