10 French-Style Kitchen Ideas You Can Easily Copy at Home

1. Make it mostly neutral

French design is timeless and understated, and in the kitchen, that often means opting for neutral tones over bright, splashy colors. After all, color trends will come and go, but classic neutrals like white and greige will always have staying power. Instead of relying on color to infuse your kitchen with personality, add visual interest through metallic finishes, woven textures, and contrasting materials like wood and marble.

2. Layer accessories

The kitchen is primarily a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, too. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your cooking space like you would any other room. Items like lamps, artwork, vases, candlesticks, and flowers or greenery absolutely have a place in a French-style kitchen.

3. Incorporate wood tones

Especially if you’re going for that French country kitchen look, wood tones are a must. Bring in some warmth by displaying wooden cutting boards, storing fruit in a carved wood bowl, or filling a crock with wooden utensils.

4. Include antique elements

French interiors often have that collected-over-time look, and kitchens are no exception. Hit the thrift store or flea market to source your own vintage finds and display them around your kitchen on open shelving or grouped together on a countertop tray. Vintage glassware, decorative plates, stoneware pieces, and antique kitchen tools are all great ways to add character to your kitchen.

5. Install a hanging pot rack

There’s something about a pot rack that just feels so quaint and cozy. Not only is this a surefire way to add a French country feel to your kitchen, but a pot rack can also provide a much-needed storage boost. Use the hooks to hang cookware, kitchen towels, or tools like measuring cups and spatulas.

6. Utilize open shelving

Especially in Parisian apartments where square footage is at a premium, the French don’t shy away from using every available bit of space. If you have a blank kitchen wall that could use a more intentional purpose, hang some shelves for a quick storage boost. Line them with dishes or cookware to free up space in your cabinets, or simply take advantage of the extra display space to show off some additional accessories.

7. Add in artwork

The best designs always include something a little unexpected, and in a French-style kitchen, artwork is a great way to add in an element of surprise. Go with a still life of a kitchen-inspired scene or find a classic portrait you love, then pop it in an antique-style frame to play up the French feel.

9. Bring in brass hardware

French kitchens are anything but cold and sterile, and a lot of that comes down to the choice of materials. Instead of cool finishes like stainless steel or matte black, you’ll often find warm finishes like brass and gold. Even if you’re not in a place where you can invest in a luxury brass-trimmed French range, you can still infuse some warmth into your kitchen with a few DIY swaps. Grab a drill and swap out your cabinet hardware for brass knobs and pulls, or replace your kitchen faucet with an antique-inspired style.

8. Make it functional and chic

French kitchens are designed to be well-used, so they’re always functional first and foremost. As you decorate your own space, lean on elements that serve a purpose both practically and aesthetically. Set out a fruit bowl on the counter, store your cookbooks on an open shelf, lean cutting boards against the backsplash, or display jars of spices instead of hiding them away in a cabinet. These elements will give your kitchen a lived-in feel while also making everyday food prep more seamless.

10. Display copper cookware

If there’s one kitchen item that immediately gives off a French vibe, it’s copper cookware. Collect a few vintage pieces to display on shelves, with wall hooks, atop cabinetry, or directly on the stove. You can often find vintage copper pots and pans at flea markets or through sellers on sites like Etsy, and if you don’t plan on actually cooking with them, the more patina, the better.

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